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  • Jury rejects negligence lawsuit against LAPD in shoo...

    Wednesday Aug 12 | via Los Angeles Times 

    A Los Angeles jury unanimously rejected a lawsuit by the family of a 21-year-old man who was shot and killed by an LAPD officer in 2010, dismissing claims that improper tactics used by officers led to the shooting. The lawsuit alleged that officers were negligent in their response to a 911 call for assistance by the family of Oscar Morales, 21 , who was suicidal and had just returned to his home from a so-called 5150 hold, a forced 72-hour detention of those who are deemed to be a threat to themselves or others.


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  • Three dead, one critical following North Hills colli...

    Sunday Aug 9 | via LA Daily News 

    Los Angeles city firefighters look over the scene of a crash that killed three people and critically injured one other in the 8300 block of N. Haskell Avenue in North Hills Sunday.Photo by Gene Blevins A 19-year-old man was arrested after allegedly driving while intoxicated Sunday and being involved in a head-on collision in North Hills early Sunday that left three men in their 20s dead and another in critical condition, Los Angeles police said. A 2004 Jeep Liberty, driven by Riley John Holman of Mission Hills, was headed eastbound on Roscoe Boulevard at about 2:45 a.m. Sunday when it collided head-on with a 1993 Toyota Corolla containing four persons that was headed westbound on Roscoe, said LAPD Valley Traffic Officer Jim Hahn.


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North Hills Law

My husband got a DUI is their any way that he would be able to change the charges in his record so it won't affect his paper ?
My husband got a DUI in January 2012 he was given community services and AA classes he has successfully completed everything befor his due date know he is just in probation until April we were fixing his immigration papers but they told us know with his DUI record we can't really go on with his papers unless we would be able to change to charges so I just wanted to know if that was possible
If he already plead guilty, which it sounds like he did, he's out of luck. Someone can negotiate for reduced charges...
I was looking for a friends home then stopped got out of the car and lapd immediately arrested me.
i was driving looking for a friends house and when i thought i saw the house i got out of my car and all of a sudden the police pointed there weapons at me and told me to get up against my car they cuffed me and i asked them what was going on they said nothing then they went towards my car and said it smells like marijuana, (but i was not smoking in vehicle i had one gram and it was a little stinky.) so they began to search my car without my consent and found the gram and an empty pipe then they came to me and told me that they pulled me over for front license plate being upside down(which was manufacturer error) and i was also supoosebly speeding and were also gonna try to book me for dui. they impounded my car had to pay for it to release was given 2 tickets tested and passed dui tests?
It is difficult to answer your question without knowing what you were charged with. It sounds like you got a DUI and...
Expunge DUI
7 years ago I was charged with DUI how can I expunge my record?
Technically in CA you can't. Under the penal code you can change your plea to not guilty. See 1203.4
Out of State DUI
I have a CDL A license in California, and I got a DUI in Nevada November of last year. Its August of this year and my license has never been suspended. My understanding is that my criminal case and my DMV case are 2 separate cases. My question is should I be worried that my license will get suspended at some arbitrary point in the future?
Of course you should be worried you license will be suspended at some point in the future. What happened with the...
What is the legal effect if my blood was drawn 3 hours after I was in an accident for DUI
I was reading that this time lag will create a problem for the DA or the DMV. Is that true?
It might create a "problem" but then again, maybe not. Quit reading and get into an attorney's office for an actual...
Will a 2nd dui offense (under age drinking) be found out by my school (college)?
This is my second duo without any accident or traffic violations. I was pulled over for suspicion. I was pulled over in LA county for crossing 3 lanes because I almost missed the exit and was pulled over. I passed all sobriety tests, just blew a .14. I leave for school in Washington in 3 weeks right after my court date but I am trying to see if I can do work release and driving programs in Washington without serving jail time without my university finding out. I also turn 21 in a week and a half.
We have no idea if your school will find out. Anything is possible. Your primary focus should be hiring a lawyer to...
Can a governor pardon be given for a dui that happen 2 yrs ago?
Had a dui 2 yrs ago and I'm trying to get my DUI expunge plus I heard that if you get a pardon you can still serve jury duty. How long is the process to get expunge? Will employers realize I had a DUI after I expunge it?
Misdemeanor convictions don't have any impact on eligibility for jury service. A pardon seems unlikely.