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What happens if you test positive for marijuana when you get tested for CT alcohol classes?
I have to take alcohol classes for my overturned dui. I regularly smoke marijuana and I'm pretty sure they take a urine sample at the evaluation. What happens when I test positive
If it's the Alcohol Education Program classes they don't usually take samples. But if you're a first time offender and...
Officer permitted me to move my car during DUI arrest
Recently got arrested for a DUI in which a two car accident was involved. Two officers arrived on scene during the incident. One officer spent most of her time exchanging all of the insurance information etc. The second officer stood around and got into casual conversation with me. We talked for 15 minutes about work, family etc. Toward the end of the conversation I decided to move my car further off the road as there was quite a bit of traffic coming by. The officer permitted me to move my car and said nothing about me not being able to drive. She even noted that my car sounded like it was starting funny and asked if that had anything to do with the accident. Five minutes later the second officer clears the other car involved in the accident and approaches me about what caused me to rear-end the other car. At this point the second officer asks me to do a field sobriety test and the next thing I know I am in handcuffs and charged for a DUI. Anything unusual about this that could help me in court? Would be happy to provide more details if necessary.
I'm not a DUI lawyer, and others on this site may be more helpful. But with what limited knowledge I have, I think...
DUI in Connecticut and applying for Alcohol education program
I got arrested for a DUI after rear-ending someone. No one was injured and insurance for the accident is taken care of. Will I be required to send notice of the application if the person I hit was not injured?
Yes you do. Even though there were no injuries reported, the statute still requires notice to the victim.
I am a Connecticut resident charged with a DUI in Colorado, will I face CT or CO criminal and administrative penalties?
I was charged with a DUI while in vacation in Colorado, but I am unsure as to whether I will receive penalties belonging to my home state (CT) or CO.
You face the charges in the jurisdiction where you are accused. Your home state will honor CO DMV and court...
Very confused about DUI/driving under suspension.
I had my first DUI December 2014. I renewed my license March/April 2015. Stupidly got my second DUI May 2015. I was in a minor accident however my boyfriend did not have car insurance. Officer ran my license it was valid. August 2015 we were driving & my boyfriend was pulled over due to a warrant stemming back to the lack of insurance. They ran my license and told me to meet back at the local police department. We both went to court but I never received another court date from them again but my husband went back & paid for the damages. I am wondering if my license was suspended because of this. At the time I was living at my father and my aunt was stealing my mail & throwing it away(she was caught twice) so fast forward to Jan 16 2017 I was coming home from work literally 2 minutes in front of my condo got pulled over; cop arrested me due to my license being suspended (mind you had my NEW drivers license) he took that away I was released. Next court date prosecutor told me that I'd probably need a lawyer because I was facing jail time she looked into it said I was very lucky got more time. This time she said I need a lawyer no questions asked that was it. please help
When the prosecutor tells you to get a lawyer, you should probably take the advice. You can search for attorneys on...
Does Rushford Center in Meriden drug test for the intensive outpatient alcohol program? If so, what are the repercussions?
I need to take an intensive outpatient program for my alcohol classes for a dui I got in April. Do they drug test and if so what are the repercussions if I come up with THC in my system?
It depends. However If your dui was for THC then yes they will test for the presence of thc. If it was just alcohol...
If I was charged with a DUI in Colorado; how will it impact my CT driving license and criminal record?
I was visiting Colorado and, although I was not pulled over, I was approached in a parking lot by a police officer who suspected that I was driving under the influence. I opted for a blood test instead of a breathalyzer test and am still awaiting the results. The officer did not take my license, nor take me to the police station. Instead, he dropped me off at my hotel following the test. I am concerned about what may occur in CT as a result of the incident. Will my CT license be revoked? Will I have to get an IID device installed in my vehicle? I have received a few conflicting responses from attorneys.
I would need a little more information to provide an intelligent answer. Was the car running? Why the blood test...