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Im on juvenile misdemeanor probation and I only got 3 months on June 28 do I no matter what get off on September 28?
I haven't failed any drug test haven't been caught past curfew and no other charges have been against me in the 3 months
Most likely. If you had an attorney give them a call. If not, your JPPO can tell you.
Can I get out of this situation?
I got arrested for a minor in possession charge but I was with 2 other friends and I wasn't driving. The passenger was 21 and the driver was 19. The officer used smell of marijuana for the probable cause to search the vehicle and found a bottle of alcohol near my feet but the 21 year old admitted that it was his
Your 21 year old friend can let the prosecutor know that the beer was his, if he is willing to do that. Or if it goes...
Do verbal dui warnings go on your record?
I got pulled over for switching out of the exit lane a little late. I was given the eye test and heel toe straight line test and the officer said she wasn't going to give me any of the other tests since she thought I was fine. However, when she came back to give me my license and registration, she said that she was just giving me a warning. She did not give me any written paper as a warning, just said it verbally.
Verbal warnings do not go on your record.
What dose this plea mean ?
I have a plea from a da and wonder what this means I would get ? 12 months house of corrections, suspended 2 years 60 hours community service within 1 year restitution to victim And no contact with victim Where I'm wondering the most of my question is the top condition dose that mean jail time if I except this offer once I take it ? Or if I screwup in that time frame?
You should apply for/hire a lawyer and discuss your case with him/her. A suspended jail sentence means that a certain...
Can a car accident victim who works in a hospital - xrays and dr notes actually be a conflict of interest in a dui felony case?
My fiance is currently serving a sentence at the NH State Prison. He injured a woman's toe while dui. Although he was sentenced; the restitution case is currently still pending. The victim just informed the court that she works in the billing dept at the Portsmouth Hospital. On the day of the accident she was sent to the Exeter Hospital but refused xrays because she wanted to have them done in Portsmouth instead (where we just found out that she is employed). She is stating $2200 in lost wages due to a broken toe. Also, she didn't have car insurance although she claims that she has a car loan on a 2009 Honda Civic. Although there's no proof or statements, she claims that she owes over $10,000 on a 5 year loan that she says that she paid nearly 4 years to Santander Bank. The bank representative hasn't appeared to any of the court appearances and without statements, her claims appear false or in the very least, extremely "fishy". Due to her lack of credibility, I am wondering if it's a conflict of interest regarding her working in the hospital and her claim for the high cost of lost wages regarding her broken toe. Is this ok to work in the billing dept and claim high $?
It is unclear whether this is a civil case or whether she submitted this for restitution, but if a civil case, she...
When I turn myself in will I go to court for arraignment and jail or will I be released until trial?
I was in a car accident while driving on a suspended license. I was caught 9 months ago driving without my license and DWI. I believe there is a manditory jail time. I was asked to turn myself in after a warrant was sworn out, will I be notified? Will I go straight to jail?
It's always better to turn yourself in to increase your chance of being released pretrial on bail. If you hire a...
How can I defend myself at the hearing to review the suspension of my driving privileges upon failing the road exam three times?
I used to drive abroad and I have an international driving license. I have been a resident in NH for one year now, and I needed to get the driving license here. I have the language barrier and I feel so much stressed and scared in the exam. So I failed the road test three times. This is the law in NH: if you failed three times, you can't go for a fourth exam and you should go to the hearing to determine your driving abilities. I don't know what to prepare, or how this hearing is going to be. I have no Idea at all. Please help me.
I would consult with a driving school. They would be less costly than an attorney. If you want to get legal advise you...