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Is it expensive to find a lawyer to represent me facing a minor minor misdemeanor charge? If so I could use a few quotes....
So I had a moderrate accident at work about a month or so ago driving a bus that I was at fault for, no one got hurt or anything but I still had a significantly scraped up another car, earlier this week I got a summons to go to court aug. 10th for this accident because I'm being cited for reckless driving/ driving out of control or with bad brakes or something of that nature. I think it's a misdemeanor charge but idrk what the process is like. so on to my question, is this worthy enough to hire an attorney??? Or just represent myself, I've been told I'll likely just have a fine???
You are charged with a class 1 criminal misdemeanor. The max penalty is 12 months in jail and a $2500 fine. Virginia...
What happens on driving on a suspended license on a second offense?
I got stopped for having a dead inspection and then found out my license was suspended for the second time. will I have to serve any jail time?
That depends. Did you reinstate your license after the first offense? If not, then you were on notice that your...
I was sentenced 180 days in jail 160 was suspended leaving 20 days and 10 are mandatory how many do I serve
Driving while suspended
Ask the jail since jail personnel do the calculations. My best guess is 10 + 5 (half of the other 10) = 15.
What is the likelihood of a judge granting me a restricted license to another state for work?
I am currently on a restricted license in VA. My responsible territory is expanding beyond VA. What are the chances of a judge granting me approval to work in another state. Everything that I have read says that states honor each other's restrictions as long as you have paperwork to prove you are where you are supposed to be. Any laws or helpful information will be greatly appreciated.
Your restricted license needs to include permission for you to drive everywhere you need to drive. Generally, the way...
Can someone under 21 pick up a check at a restaurant where someone over 21 got an alcoholic beverage?
Is it illegal for someone for example to go out with their dad for Father's Day, they dad orders a beer, can his son of age 20 pay for the check? In Virginia. Thank you for your time
I think that's a great question, haven't seen it with the familial relationships included: certainly gives one cause...
Will I still have to take VASAP if it has been 4 years since my conviction date?
I was convicted of a DUI on June 12, 2012 (offense dates was Feb. 17, 2012). I have been without license since then and would like to reinstate. Will I still have to take VASAP if there has been that much amount of time between my offense and wanting to reinstate?
Dear Charlottesville - Likely the answer is "YES" you will have to complete the VASAP program, because judges require...
What happens with your arrested for TWO DUI within one month?
Fiancé arrested for DUI, less than a month later arrested for second DUI.
You need to speak with an experienced attorney. There will be mandatory jail periods if he is found guilty of the...