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  • Gardener, 65, spends three and a half hours a DAY wa...

    Aug 12, 2018 | via Mail on Sunday 

    White House explodes at Omarosa's 'lack of character and integrity' by threatening national security and smuggling her smartphone into secure Situation Room to record her own firing Has Omarosa just shot herself in the foot? GOP chairwoman says fired Trump aide could be ARRESTED for secretly recording John Kelly in the no-devices-allowed Situation Room - and Twitter rejoices at the prospect Even Trump's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen backs the president and contradicts ANOTHER Omarosa tale claiming the President ate a piece of paper so archivists couldn't record it Kellyanne says Omarosa 'undercut her credibility' in new book and insists Trump has never used a racial slur in the White House - then struggles to name any African-American officials in the West Wing 'I feel pity for Omarosa': Trump campaign spokeswoman blasts 'intentionally dishonest' former White House aide for telling 'salacious ... (more)


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