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I am 17 years old and two days ago i wrecked my car and was charged with a dui.
i am a great kid, i promise, this has never happened to me before and never will again. I'm extremely scared. i'm going to be a senior in highschool, i work and i play a fall sport and spring. My senior year is greatly important to me and i have no transportation to work or school because i am on work based learning which allows me to come in late to school and leave early. I'm sincerely hoping to get through this without my license being suspended but i know it will be. Do I have any chance of getting a limited license for school and work, i am a hostess and my school and work are five minutes away from my house. Please respond.
You are potentially facing sanctions from 2 separate entities: The MVA could suspend your license as a result of the...
Does not guilty in district court have any affect on MVA hearing?
When to court for drinking and driving with under 21 restricted license- found not guilty. just received notice of suspension from DMV for same charge-
DMV can have different rules from the court, but this sounds like you need to contact a local experienced DUI attorney...
What can I do
I drive a truck..I was stopped at a weigh station for a regular truck inspection and the odor of marijuana was detected by the inspecting officer...I admitted to using it a few hrs prior.. and was breifly detained cited and released none was found in my possession. I was then given a alcohol was detected and I refused the blood test due to my fear of needles..Help!
You tagged this as a speeding ticket, not DUI-DWI. So were you charged with DUI/DWI? I assume yes (that would be a...
I refused the Portable Breathalyzer Test during a DUI/DWI arrest. Will this hurt my case?
I was recently involved in a minor accident (no vehicle damage). A deputy sheriff arrived at the scene and attempted to administer a PBT. I refused and was arrested, then released after being processed. I was NOT asked to submit to a blood test.
There is no penalty for refusing the PBT, in fact I advise people to refuse the Field Sobriety Tests as well as the PBT....
Bf was just charged with OWI in Indiana, he has two prior DUIs in Pennsylvania just short of 5 years ago. What now?
I heard that is is a felony now at this point with prior DUIs less than 5 years ago. Will Indiana know about his DUIs in PA and what does Maryland have to do with this since this is the state we are living in now.
It shouldn't have anything to do with Maryland, unless he is still licensed in Maryland.
With a PBJ do I lose my points for insurance reasons and do i have to get sr-22. Can an auto insurer deny me insurance. got dui
Nationwide told me they would not renew my insurance. I thought PBJ protected me on that point.
Check with DMV on points & SR-22. Insurers can deny anyone who they feel have too great a risk.
I live in Maryland and was convicted of a dui in NJ six months ago.
I received a letter from the MVA today stating my license can be revoked and I have to attend a hearing. My question is what do I say when I go to the hearing? My suspension in NJ is over and after reading literature regarding the process. I am under the impression that MD can offer your license back after your suspension is completed in the other state. I am confused why I need a hearing six months after my conviction (as they were notified immediately after it occurred)
Most state in the union are part of a contract called the Interstate Compact which essentially provides reciprocity of...