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Do hardship restricted hours apply to a permit for the purposes of taking a road test to get a license?
My husband was granted a hardship license by the board of appeals. His hours are from 9PM to 9AM (he works overnights) He currently has a permit indicating these restricted hours. We were informed taking a road test would not be an issue (RMV opens at 9AM) and they would allow him to complete the final requirement for his license. We were denied the road test at the location/time scheduled (after confirming we would not have issues). I've been digging through Chapter 90 S 24, and cannot for the life of me find anything addressing this specific issue, and getting conflicting information from RMV. Is there anything out there that states that for the purposes of a road test the "Cinderella" hours are not applicable for a permit?
Without seeing the actual documents, and particularly the board of appeals decision, it's difficult to fully comment....
Can I call and pay a fine for a dui 14 years ago if I moved out of the state of New Jersey . I can't get a license in the state
Pulled over arrested for a dui, released moved out of the state of new jersey
I'm not a New Jersey attorney, but it's very unlikely you'll be able to just pay a fine. You need to contact a New...
My driver license was revoked in 2004 my charge was dui manslaughter the charge was in Orlando, Fla .
I have been living in Mass for the last three years and will like to have a car to get to and from work please help.
Your question implies you were convicted in Florida but if not, there is likely a warrant for your arrest. Under those...
I drove into a diner with a BAC of .21 and then attempted to sit down and order something. Any chance of a dismissal?
I wasn't even driving at the time! So here's what happened. I was drinking for several hours. Actually, more like ten. I decided to drive myself home because I didn't feel too buzzed. I was kind of hungry, so I said, "Why not pull into my favorite diner?" Well, they must have changed the layout because before I knew it I was in the lobby! No one was hurt and the only thing that was destroyed was the door (when my car went through it.) After making sure that everyone was okay, I figured, well, I'm already here, even if my entry was a little unorthodox. I took a seat in the dining room and tried to order. That's when the cops showed up. Initially they didn't know who had driven into the diner, but one of the waitresses ratted me out. By the way, is she allowed to do that? Isn't that slander? Anyway, they gave me the field sobriety tests and stuff, and I failed. I blew a .23 and then a .21. Is there any chance of this case getting dropped because the cops didn't actually see me driving?
You really need to get off this public forum confessing all these details where the police and prosecutor can read and...
What is the likelihood of a hardship license
My husband was in a car accident in Dec 2013. His license was taken the day after, and he has not driven since. His court case finally went to trial in 2015, where he was found guilty of a 1st Off DUI. (He had 2 prior DUI in 2000 & 2001, but they ruled a first. The RMV has 2 license suspensions on file - the one from from Dec 2013, and the other August 2015 (court ruling was July so we are confused on that). He has served his time, completed the 24Q, and following all set guidelines of probation. We are getting the necessary letters from probation and his work to try and get a hardship licence. What date will the RMV look at (Dec '13 or Aug '15 to determine if he has satisfied the minimum) Does the timing of his two priors in early 2000s factor in (since its been so long or does the RMV not factor in the court ruling at all?) How likely would he get approved or do we need to wait longer. Is there anything else we can have prepared for a rmv hearing to help our case?
Even though he was convicted of a first offense the RMV will still treat it as a third offense. Also if he refused the...
Will I be held in custody when I go into court tomorrow?
I was placed on unsupervised probation in attleboro Massachusetts for driving on a suspended license. It was to conclude on December 1, 2016. However on October 13th 2016 I was pulled over in new Bedford Massachusetts and again my license wasn't active and also they brought to my attention I had a warrant. The warrant was supposably for larceny over 250$ and shoplifting out of fall river Walmart. I went to court in new Bedford on the 14th of October for operating on suspension and was released. The following day the 15th I went to fal river court for the larceny warrent and was released on personal recofnance. However now I received a notice saying I have a warrent out of attleboro which is where my unsupervised probation is out of so I'm guessing its for a probation violation. When I go in what are the chances thy will hold me in custody?
The notice is probably a summons for an initial probation violation arraignment where the probation officer can move to...
Can a mayor get a dui
I offered my mayor a ride home just asking
Virtually anyone, in the right circumstances, can be charged with a crime.