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CA DL with NJ DUI conviction. Does NJ DUI education course satisfy CA requirement for license reinstatement?
I have a CA DL (my home state) but received a DUI conviction in NJ- 7 mo driving suspension. Because of this, my CA DL was suspended. I am currently living in NJ temporarily for work and will have to take a NJ DUI course in order to drive in NJ once my suspension is up, but I am planning on moving back to CA next summer. Will completion of the NJ DUI course satisfy requirements for reinstatement/ application for restricted DL in CA?
You need to ask this question in the CA section. Good luck.
Can you be sentenced first time as a DUI and a DUI underage, if 19 when received it. Or should it have been one or the other
My nephews 1st DU was when he was 19, he was charged with DUI as well as DUI as a minor. He i now @@ and recently received a second one. We were told that we should attempt to have his 1st one amended, since he should have NOT been sentenced for both DUI and underage DUI. Can someone PLEASE tell me if there is any truth to this. Is it worth hiring an attorney to attempt an go back to have his 1st amended, then deal with this second one, which if the 1st one is amended, would technically be his first as an adult if I a understanding all f this correctly. PLEASE HELP, any and all advive would be greatly appreciated.
You nephew has an extremely serious problem. To properly answer your questions and address your concerns, the best way...
Dui discovery
The officer writing up the report must have had a brain fart because my initials are T.S and he wrote the name D.Bowman was asked the questions on the drinking driver/operator questionnaire and gave the listed answers which were on a separate page. This is the only mention of a D.Bowman in the entire discovery. Is this a crucial mistake in this case?
Ask your lawyer or not having one will be the most critical mistake in the case. DUI is too serious and has too far...
Dui prodedure
Question dealing with the 20 minute law from the chun ruling. What if i was observed for about 12 mins by the arresting cop then he excused himself out of the room after the alcotester officer came into the room then the original arresting officer came back after maybe 5 mins and then the alcotester officer left for a minute or two came back and then proceeded to do the BAC test roughly 24 minutes. Does that violate the ruling if it was not consecutive by the same officer or not the officer who was to operate the alcotester?
Do not try to deal with a DUI without an attorney. While they cannot be negotiated down, an attorney has tools and...
Can I still be issued a DUI for an accident if I was not given a breathalyzer test or had blood drawn at the scene?
I was drinking & driving and hit another car. Another car was involved in the accident & they fled the scene as well. At the scene the cop questioned if I was drinking because he said I smelled of alcohol but I never confirmed or denied that. At no point did he ask me to run through any tests to verify this. I was allowed to be picked up and went home after the scene was cleared. No tickets were issued at the time however in my town they usually mail them home in a few weeks. With no proof of being drunk aside from smell do I have to fear being given a DUI?
Yes you could still get a DWI ticket in the mail but it does not sound like they could win it without physicals or...
I have a NJ driving under influence 3rd offense which was downgraded to a 2nd offense because the instruction was not read to me
downgraded to 2nd offense but with a ten year suspension.. is there any way to overturn it ?
Sounds like you got what is known as Laurick relief. That would be the case if on one of your prior offenses you did...
DWI in North Carolina last week. Hired a law-firm to handle there. What are repercussion NJ and when will I know if any?
BAC was .11 but i passed the sobriety test to the best of my knowledge. Failed the breathalyzer. First time offense, clean driving record. Was pulled over 2-miles from my hotel at 2:30am going to get coffee and food. I am a NJ resident with NJ drivers license. Just not sure what will happen here and when.
If you are suspended in North Carolina, you will immediately not be able to drive there. When NJ becomes aware, they...