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  • Debt-ridden city hands disgraced public works manage...

    Tuesday Apr 11 | via The Miami Herald 

    For helping the FBI in a long-running corruption probe of Opa-locka City Hall, former public works manager Gregory Harris got a lenient punishment - probation -after he pleaded guilty to taking a $300 bribe from a local businessman who needed a water connection. About two weeks later, the disgraced former official received another break, this time in the form of a check: $31,789 from the city for unused sick and vacation time that he had accumulated during his nearly 10-year government career with Opa-locka.


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Interview set for I-485.DUI.No Insurance. Hit a wall
Hello..I have applied for I-485 for employment based adjustment of status. My case has been scheduled for interview. I once involved in DUI in 2009 while driving without insurance in West Virgnia while driving under Texas Licensce. The incident took place 0.1 away from my home when I was making a right turn I hit a concrete wall. No one was hurt and no property damage. Will this effect my case ? Is this a crime of Moral turpitude ? What type of lawyer should I retain ? My current lawyer is in New Jersey but my case will be in Miami
Immigration law is federal, it doesn't matter where your immigration attorney is located. Yes, hire an immigration...
Can i get dui if I picked up a drunk passenger?
I'm not in that situation,it's that I'm curious because I don't find answers
DUI = Driving Under the Influence. Key word here is DRIVING.
While on probation my son was arrested for DUI ,
The state has a poor case because when the officer got to the scene he was asleep in the car, the car was off and to the side of the road... they never did the breath test or "walk the line" because he suffers from epilepsy and told the police officer he may have seizure episode and was taken to the hospital... now the state is threatening my son with the violation of parole case because they don't want to lose the DUI case, they want him to make an "arrangement".. The strategy was get him out of the DUI case before seen the judge for the violation of parole.... It is legal what the state is doing? Can they threat a person with getting jail for whatever is left of the parole if he doesn't make an arrangement?
I assume you mean "probation", not parole. In any event, the State would have to prove that your son violated his...
DUI in NJ .. Now in FL
I received a DUI in NJ while I had a NY license. I was transferred to FL and transferred my License while my case was pending. Later on I was convicted of this DUI and was made to take 12 hour course. I previously had a DUI in FL 4 year ago that was reduced to Reckless driving... Should I get a lawyer?
If the NJ DUI case is over and you were convicted. It is unclear which case you would need a lawyer for? If your...
Can an arrest be mentioned if it did not occur during the time of being cited?
I was driving home tired one night after celebrating my birthday, I did have a few drinks but didn't touch the wheel to my car until 4 hours later. I had be talking to some friends before heading home, when I got a flat in the middle of the night. I took me about 30 mins to swap it out using the very unstable and flimsy tools from the manufacturer. So after finally getting through that I continued making my way home. I was exhausted and upon approaching a red like I came to a stop, waiting for the light to turn green. I fell asleep at the wheel for less than a minute, when my foot eased off the break and I slightly bumped the jeep in front of me. Driver and spouse were furious and I tried talking to them on a calm level, which didn't seem to work. So we waited for the officers to arrive. When they did they dismiss the other driver, stating there was no damage done to their vehicle. I complied with them and gave me the opportunity to call a friend and pick me up. They couldn't tell if I was drunk but based on the fact I told them could not allow me to drive home. I was fine with that, but they gave me three citations. Two for obstruction and the other one for expired registration.
If you were not arrested for DUI then what does any of this have to do with DUI?. I strongly urge you to HIRE A...
Could a 15 year old with a drivers permit that was charged with a drug felony still be able to obtain a FL license before 18?
The question pretty much states it all, Ive had this permit for a couple months now but is this charge going to restrict me from driving? And what other things will be restricted now?
It will really depend upon the outcome of your case. If you are adjudicated guilty you can lose your license for up to...
I was hospitalized after an accident and there is no evidence of BAC testing being done. Are they required to show that test
There were labs reported in my discharge instructions but nothing to indicate BAC. Are they required to report this test in my discharge instructions or do they not have to report because they do not have results?
If the police took a blood sample from you they will run their own test. Once they get their results, prosecutors will...