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On DUI Probation for 5 years, does this mean if i violate I am looking at 5 years in Jail?
My Docket sheet says: IPP Min of 90.00 Days/Max of 59.00 Months 20.00 Days. I served 10 days in jail, as well as 90 days house arrest. If i violate, is it 5 years or not since it doesn't say anything about a suspended sentence.
Sounds like you received a jail sentence followed by parole. No one can answer your question because it depends on the...
I recieved an underage drinking charge and I blew .00 twice and then blew .03 after about 30-45 minutes. Can I fight this?
I am 19. Thinking the officer would not believe me if I told him I wasn't drinking I told him that I had a beer thinking he would cut us some slack for being cooperative more likely. Also they didn't inform us of our rights.
Absolutely. Best not to go at it alone though. Having an attorney with you will likely allow you to work out...
Was my rights violated on this DUI charge?
I pulled into my hotel complex, police pulled behind me and told me I didn't put on my turn signal. He then asked why I was there. I said I'm staying at the hotel. He said my eyes looked like I was drinking and to come take test. I said why? I did nothing wrong and I'm not intoxicated and feel unsafe and profiled.I said no. They through me in the car, handcuffed me, forced me to give blood at hospital, forced me to breath in breath device at the station, gave 2 completely different # as I breathed consecutive times, then threw me in cell. They read me no rights and ignored me when I asked to contact my attorney or spouse. After an hour or so they let me go and gave me my license etc.and said I was .04
You very possibly have a case. The turn signal violation, unless fabricated, gave the officer reasonable suspicion to...
Have a PA License and have a DUI case pending in Montgomery County. My license hasn't been suspended yet but I know it will be.
I am moving for a job in NY, not sure if I will live in NY, or live in NJ and commute, but if I get a NY or a NJ license before PA suspends my license can I drive in NY or NJ?
You can until they suspend that new license in the licensing state. If you get a license in another state, your PA...
What's the typical sentence (min/max) for someone with new DUI charges while license revoked & history of DUI in Pennsylvania?
CURRENT CHARGES: 75§3802 DUI Gen Imp/Inc of Driving Safely - 1st Off; 75§3309 Disregard Traffic Lane (Single); 75§3310 S Follow Too Closely; 75§1543 Driv While Oper Priv Susp Or Revoked; 75§1543 Drg Lic Sus/Rev Purs to Sec 3802/1547B1; 75§1543 Driving While BAC .02 or Greater While License Susp; 75§3714 Careless Driving. PRIOR CONVICTIONS: 75§3802 DUI: Highest Rte of Alc (BAC .16+) 2nd Off; 75§3802 DUI: Controlled Substance - Schedule 2 or 3 - 2nd Offense; DUI: 75§3802 Controlled Substance - Combination Alcohol/Drug - 2nd Offense; 75§1543 Driving While BAC .02 or Greater While License Susp; 75§3309 Disregard Traffic Lane (Single); 75§3802 DUI: Gen Imp/Inc of Driving Safely - 2nd Off; 75§3802 DUI: Gen Imp/Inc of Driving Safely - 2nd Off; Use/Poss Of Drug Paraph; Assault; Poss Of Marijuana.
There are many mandatory sentences under the DUI law. I can't tell from what your write whether this is a 2nd or 3rd...
Chances of winning a dismissal or reduction of DUI in Montgomery County, PA.
I was pulled over in Lower Providence, PA because a Wawa employee told a cop I was acting funny when I bought cigarettes. The cop told me he would probably take me home because my house was right up the street. He gave me a breath test and told me to walk in a straight line and then lift my right foot and count. I made it to 17 and he told me to stop and than arrested me. He said I did not follow his instructions so he is not taking me home. Blood work came back .085%. His police report has a different story in it with slurred speech and blood shot eyes. All false. The only reason the arresting officer got mad at me was because I pointed out that his left foot was shaking really bad when was showing me the raise your right foot test. Chances of fighting and winning? No B.S. please.
It all comes down to why he stopped you. What someone said at a Wawa is not sufficient reason to stop you, but some...
Getting ARD for .085% DUI in Montgomery County, PA
I spoke with a lawyer today who said I will not qualify for ARD in Montgomery County, PA since I had it in 1999 for DUI. I am under the impression you can qualify after 10 years. He is offering a flat fee, but I feel he may not know how this works and will just take my money. His office is in Montgomery County and I would hope he would be up to date on all this. Should I look elsewhere or is he right. He told me any other lawyer who tells me I can get ARD is lying and just looking for money. Who is right?
You cannot get ARD if you had a DUI in the past 10 years. If you had one more than 10 years ago you could possibly...