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Will i get my license taken away if I got an underage drinking ticket and had a speeding ticket previously?
I am 18 years old and in college. I got a speeding ticket a few months ago. Now recently i got a drinking ticket but was not driving. will i get my license taken away ?
Your license can be suspended because of the underage drinking ticket. Hire a lawyer to try to get the ticket amended...
Hit a bldg, not drinking but panicked,left. Started drinking at friends house. Police came 7 hrs later to my apartment got DUI
there was a 7 hr block of time later, they knocked on my door and I answered. Walked home from friends house, didn't drive. Intended to call Lawyer and turn myself in for the accident the next morning but never got the chance. So I can get a dui while in my own home? Nobody saw me drink and drive because I hadn't started drinking yet but was when they showed up 7 hrs later. I refused to blow.
Your refusal to provide a breathalyzer is tantamount to admission Bad idea Hire an attorney. Do not do any more...
Will I get out of an underage drinking citation?
I was at a friends apartment with about 10 other people, and police walked in the door without permission saying that they had received a call about a domestic disturbance. Police immediately began rounding up anyone under 21 and writing them citations. There was no open alcohol in the apartment and no evidence that anyone had had. Police would not let anyone leave the apartment until they submitted to a breathalyzer. Before I was even offered a breathalyzer the officer began to write me a ticket. I then asked him why he was doing this and he did not give me a response he only pointed to a breathalyzer. I did submit to a breathalyzer but offered to preform a field sobriety test for the officer, but he refused. Also, the owners of the apartment did not receive any fines or tickets.
Only the judge hearing your trial an answer this question. It depends upon what the officer says at your trial. Good...
I was given an underage drinking citation, can I fight it?
I was at a party at my college, and police came in and wouldn't let anyone leave without showing ID. If you were under 21 they started writing tickets, even before they spoke to you. I had just arrived minutes before this happened, and had not had anything while there. I had drank 1 beer 3-4 hours before I had arrived. The officer wrote on the citation that I had drank that beer at the location of the party. I did not take a breathalyzer test, but did have to follow a pen with my eyes, which the officer said I failed. Is there a chance I can fight this in court? He wrote that I had been drinking there, which was not true and he has no proof that I had been.
You can fight the citation but it will be your word against the officer's and since you told the officer you had been...
International driver not resident in USA, How to proceed with DUI process? What are expected? Cost?
Last night after some beers returning to the hotel I was arrested based on DUI + 35miles speeding and imprope lane use. I am Brazilian and dont have USA driver license, I am actually working for 6 months here. In this way I will come back to Brazil each 45 days to keep my regular job there and visit relatives. My Court was schedule for 16 July 2014, on July 4 I had planned a trip for Brazil and return before the court. The police description was Strong odor of alcohol on breath, red glass eyes indicates of impaired during SFST, admit 1-2 beers. My final result on breath test was 0.105. I am affraid because I leave in Normal and work in a small city (30miles away) and the car is essential for my work. What I can expect? How to proceed?
You need to hire an attorney immediately. Your speeder is a criminal charge. The DUI is serious and you clearly had...
A friend of mine got a DUI in his driveway in a mobile home park where he lives and the police towed his ATV out of his drive.
A friend of mine was set up for a dui by another resident and the police were sitting in front of his house waiting for him to come home. His ATV was parked in my drive which is only 3 driveways down. When he drove it into his drive the police turned on their lights and pulled him off his ATV and arrested him for DUI. Then they towed his ATV to the impound yard and they now want over $6,000 to get it back. They told him that his license could not be suspended because it was on private property, but suspended it anyway. He went to court and the judge rescinded his license as the states attorney and his lawyer did not catch the mistake. He has fired that attorney. I would like to know if the police towed his ATV illegally and if he can sue the state for the blow device and lost work wages?
From the facts presented, your friend cannot sue the state for the blow or lost work wages. Everything was done within...
I have a BAIID device installed in my car. I have failed the test only 5 tims over 9+ months. What will happen?
All of the readings were under .04. And all were in the morning. First was a mixup in mouthwash. .027 on the first then under the required .025 after washing mouth out with water and waiting 5-10 minutes. Second was again an accidental mixup in mouthwash while stayin at a friends after haveing like 5 beers watching a baseball game just used his without thinking and when I failed I didnt know why. So blew again and failed. I then went inside and realized that there was alcohol in his mouthwash. .03 and .028 on those. After washing mouth with water it was under. Third was only time alcohol was a factor, 4th of july party, quit drinking @ 1am blew at like 11am and blew a .038. Waited close to an hr and washed my mouth out with water. Blew again at like .028 Started 30 min later at under .025
Usually, readings under .05 do not trigger a possible violation as the data is read for such things. If your receive a...