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Have my civil rights been violated?
In a random traffic stop, I was given a PBT and my BAC was below the legal limit so no DUI charge was given. The trooper later told my employer I had traces of alcohol on my breath resulting in termination of employment. Does this violate my right to privacy since no DUI was given?
It might, but what's your remedy? Sounds like small town USA to me and you're frankly SOL.
I was convicted of a DUI in West Va. in Oct. of 2010. I have. Va. license. I renewed my license in Dec. of 2010, is it valid?
The only thing DMV said was you need to get this corrected. What does that mean? They issued my license to me.
Is you license valid? Only the DMV can tell you that, and from what you've said, it sounds like the answer might be NO....
Best dui defense?
Driver had accident on a motorcycle. Blew a 0.8 in breathalyzer.
Can't prove 0.08 at time of driving if only 0.08 at BAC time. Rising BAC defense.
I was searched without consent and my wife was charged with driving on suspended license, she wasn't driving. is that legal?
it was 4 am and we were at a hotel in town picking up a friend that needed a ride but she wasn't answering her phone and we didn't know the room number. so we were walking around the hotel, all outside, thinking she might have her light on or come out when she saw us. while i continued to look my wife went and sat in the car. the police showed up and started questioning her and asked for her license. unknown to us, she had a suspended license bc of a speeding ticket that was already paid and taken care of. which they wrote her a ticket for driving on suspended. by the time I got out to the car, she was standing outside the vehicle surrounded by police cars. they immediately came up to me, like 5 of them, and started questioning me. then without saying anything they started to pat me down.
Are you asking a question?
Can an attourney represent me on a misdemeanor probation violation(for fines for dwi) if I'm willing to fully pay the fines?
I had a few run-ins with the law and I was terrible 18-22..then I ran away..I grew up, I'm starting to have a life now. (25) I really want to begin again. I'm living abroad. If I can clear the online record off, I can stay at the company I'm working. I want to fully pay the fines and just have a lawyer represent me and knock the probation violation it would cost 1,500$+ in plane flights plus the attourney.
It is possible that an attorney can take care of that for you. But there is no guarantee that the court and/or...
Getting another license in a different state after relocating with a DUI?
I received a DUI in Kansas. My hearing for diversion is set for December. Im a first time offender. I want to know if i can get my license in Arkansas because Im a resident now. I have a clearance letter from the state of Kansas and that will allow me to take the test in Arkansas. Will Arkansas allow me to take the written test and get my drivers license? Secondly, will I be penalized in Arkansas if Im declared suspended for 30 days in Kansas. Can Arkansas impose their rules on me? Primarily I need to know if I can get the Arkansas license. Will I have to tell them about the pending review of charges in Kansas?
As long as you are not suspended in Kansas, then Arkansas is allowed to give you a license if they want, based upon the...
My daugther was arrest for 1st.dui, refusal of bac. 2 count of child endangerment .posted bond
she going through a rough divorce .she went back help future ex. that had suicidal thoughts.she has been though a lot of stress due to ice strom recently went through state when she made a bad mistake in judgement
Not clear what your question is, but it wold seem to me that the prosecution might have a tough time proving she was...