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Are cops able to get ahold of blood alcohol level tests without consent?
I received a MIC a few weeks ago. I was unconscious and not responding so they sent me to the hospital. The next day I received a ticket for MIP/MIC but they didn't breathalyze me. They took my blood levels from the hospital. I just wanna know if the cops are able to get ahold of this information?
In Michigan, the answer would be yes. I would not be surprised if Nebraska had similar provisions. You should consult a...
My son got 2nd MIP 3 months apart. Will he get jail time?
In April my son got his 1st MIP and in July got another one. He hasn't had any priors. Will he get jail time?
It really depends. So many factors are considered, such as priors, warnings. You should hire an attorney.
I have a bench warrant in one county for a unpaid fine?
I have a unpaid fine for a dui in one county and going to court for 3rd dui and am on bond in different county will they know bout other warrent on my first appearance and I am asking for a public defender?
They certainly may know about the warrant and may well arrest you on it when you appear. You would be wise to post bond...
Owning firearms after felony dui Nebraska
In 2007 I was arrested for 4th offense felony dui. In 2009 I was convicted and served my 120 days. I live in the country and want to start hunting again but don't want to ever get arrested for a felon with a firearm. Can this be undone. Also can I have my 15 license revoke back dated to 2007 arrest date instead of 2009 conviction date?
You would have to seek a pardon to own a weapon and that will have to wait for 10 years. They use the date of the...
In going to court for DUI and i just watched the police video . He pulled me over for crossing the center lane which i did not
and my public defender is not helping me much. can i get this dropped if i represent myself
It will seriously decrease the chances of your case getting dismissed if you represent yourself. The workload of most...
Can blood tests falsly come up positive
blood test come up positive for amphetamine
Unfortunately false positives are a fact of blood tests. You need an attorney to challenge the test, this could be...
How much is a fine for first dui?
I was sitting in a parking lot with the keys on the dash. and a cop pulled up with out lights on. and walked up to my car and told me to get out and he arrested me for dui.
The minimum fine in florida is $1000 for a first DUI. The maximum penalty is $2000.