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Why was my son's license application denied by the DMV even through USCIS SAVE Case program? What are my son's options?
My son passed his driver's test but the DMV required further verification of his legal status (Citizen of Palau). The I-94 form he has is an original document with the last entry date; Apr 2007. We have been told by USCIS officials that his I-94 form is indeed valid and does not have an expiration date. In 2016, we applied for his learner's permit with additional verification through the SAVE Case program and we got the call in less than a month to pick it up. However, today we recieved a letter from the DDS saying his legal status could not be confirmed.
This should be of assistance:
My license was suspended in Florida about 8 years ago for my 1st (and only) DUI. I have lived in Georgia for 6 years.
My license was suspended in Florida about 8 years ago for my 1st and only DUI. I have lived in Georgia for 6 years and need to have my license reinstated for a promotion at work. I'm not sure where to start and obviously I cannot drive to Florida due to being suspended. I also do not want to miss any work traveling down there. How do I go about having my license reinstated in Florida when I reside in Georgia? Can an attorney from Georgia help with my suspension from Florida?
Yes they can look at tab above here on AVVO find a lawyer.
Can I use a conditional discharge on ne drug charges after I've already had two prior drug charges in past
I've been convicted twice on drug charges I've completed our set program and I've been in recovery for over two years. I had a relapse and result was another drug charge. It has been almost 5 years since I've gotten any trouble and I took the first offenders on my first one and completed that successfully
It's not entirely clear from your question whether you really have a conviction. You completed first offender...
Can you have 3 DUI charges on 1 arrest?
A friend of mine was arrested on a DUI charge. But his charges show 3 DUI charges so his bail is triple the amount. Is this possible? Is there anything we can do to get the bail reduced? BTW This is in Gwinnett County.
Is this a situation where your friend had several children in the car? Or is he just being charged with DUI in 3...
Will I have to do jail time for driving w/ a suspended license? (GA)
I was arrested a day ago in Georgia for driving with a suspended license and tags. I know the judge doesn't care, but I had no idea my license was suspended. My DL and tags are SC, but I work in GA and stay in SC with my mom on the weekends. The SC DMV told me my license was suspended back in Sept 2014 for lapse in insurance. However I have had insurance the entire time, but for the state of GA, not SC, so the SC DMV didn't get the notice. I realize now it is my fault because I am living between two places so I never changed my DL address (so I never got the notice of suspension). Long story short I called Geico and they are sending SC my insurance info to show I was covered all along and I am waiting 24-48 hrs for that to process. Will my penalty be jail time for this? Court 6/29
If your evidence convinces the judge that there was no lapse in insurance AND you had no knowledge of the suspension,...
Can I get a hardship driving permit?
My license is suspended in Pennsylvania, I was refused a drivers license in GA. Can I apply for a hardship license in GA if my main source of income is a delivery driving position?
You will probably need to clear your PA suspension in order to qualify for anything in GA. You will probably want to...
Got arrested for DUI BAC 0.06. No damages. Charges dropped to reckless driving. H1B VISA picked up by USCIS.
I'm 31,been in the US for 2.5 years and this is the first trouble of any kind ever. Pulled over and got arrested for a DUI. I'm on F1 OPT right now and my H1B VISA got picked up by USCIS 2 weeks ago and is being processed. The court date is coming up in a week. I plea bargained for reckless driving without any probation, suspension or any other holds. My concerns are these - 1. Will the DUI arrest and reckless driving conviction affect my H1B application process? 2. If I get my H1B, will the reckless driving conviction cause any trouble when I go to my home country for VISA stamping? 3. Will I be denied re-entry into the US at a port of entry even if I get my H1B stamping done? 4. Is it OK to leave the US within 6 months after a conviction for reckless driving? Any info would be nice
DUI itself will not cause problems. However, trouble with alcohol does. Talk to an attorney in private to approach it...