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If the MVARS video shows me stopping at a stop sign and that the CHP had his headlights off, can't I get my DUI reduced?
this would be my third dui. I blew a .20 an hour after the stop (they took me in to the station after pulling over a separate car on the way), I do have an attorney who is willing to run the motion on the MVARS video but he seems to not want to do the motion. what the heck? I stopped at the stop sign, but briefly.
If the stated reason for the traffic stop is your failure to stop at a stop sign, but the MVARS video clearly shows you...
Ex Spouse sentenced to 60 Days in jail for 2 DUIs is house arrest an option?
In California when you report to serve a multiple DUI (2) jail sentence, can you request house arrest at that time? If so, is it usually granted?
House arrest is usually an option in Riverside County. Ask the lawyer who handled the case.
Want to know if I'm going to be charged with D.U.I after crashing my car
I admit I was drinking crashed into a wall was taken by ambulance right away... I was detained after hospital only for disorderly conduct because I was refusing some medical treatment(cathader) I was then released time/detention served nothing has been said or I haven't been arrested or notified about any D.U.I it's been a week what do you think is happening how will I know if I'm gonna get chrgd? Why wouldn't they have arrested me in either hospital or when I was released for being detained for disorderly conduct ?
In a situation such as this where an accident results and the driver is immediately rushed to the hospital due to...
Does a DUI come off your driving record in California when expunged?
The company insurance won't let me drive a vehicle for another three years.
The answer, unfortunately, is no. Expungement does not affect your DMV history.
My court ordered probation ended sept 20. Does that mean I am no longer zero tolerance.
I called the dmv and was told that although I completed the courts orders I still have to send in an sr22 for 6 more months because the probation for them didn't start till all my classes were completed. So once again I ask, am I still zero tolerance in the eyes of the law till April 2014?
Your question is confusing? what do you mean by zero tolerance?
I have 3 warrants for my arrest and im going to mexico can i be arrested on the way back into the u.s
well there for my dui an a ticket an a my dui fine
If I was to check into a rehab would I avoid dastic consequences for my 3rd dui before I go to court?
is redhab veiwed as a solution by the court for a 3rd DUI offence?
The judge would congratulate you on taking steps to deal with your problem before sentencing you to 6 months to one...