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Are there any travel restrictions to Guatemala or Nicaragua with a DWI or DUI?
As I understand it, Canada has some super strict rules on travel after a conviction for DWI or DUI. I'm wondering if there are any issues with travel to Guatemala or Nicaragua after a conviction? My significant other has to travel there this year and next for work. We have the final court date today for conviction and we can ask our lawyer then, but I'm looking for a quick answer beforehand. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
You will face trouble if you leave the country before a verdict is handed down. That is probably the most obvious...
I have the mobile breathylizer for dwi (its not the one for vehicle)
Ok so i have the mobile breathylizer. I blow 3 times a day. Never missed a blow or fail on either. I paid the unit today and i guess the lady the update payment on device so it locked me out.i tried calling the number on the device but its all automated. Will i get in trouble for not blowing until Monday? Office is closed till Monday dont knw what else to do.i called the local police department and they said they ll come out so i can blow this one time but they cant be coming out 3 times in one day over the weekend
The fact you were locked out WILL be reported to the court. I suggest you be proactive. Clear the lockout first thing...
Can I get a dwi from only taking Lisinopril or Zoloft ?
I'm worried that I can be busted for this because the prescription bottles state "may cause drowsiness."
DWI = driving while impaired. Impaired is not only caused by alcohol.
DWI in Texas with out-of-state license
In feb 2014 I was arrested for DWI in Texas. At that time I had California DL. I had been in Texas since 2012 and I was driving in TX with CA DL all this time. TX RMV requires that all new residents must get TX DL within 90 days of moving to Texas. Now during my arrest the officer didn't confiscate my CA License. Because I didn't have proper TX Driver License, is my DWI an aggravated one? Is it a CIMT? When I go for Visa Stamping abroad, is my visa likely to be denied?
I am assuming the acronym you used, CIMT, is one used in immigration law. Your DWI in Texas, assuming it was a first,...
I was charged with DWI with a Child after an accident , no alcohol in my system , but took my prescription anxiety meds
This is what happened . I currently take 4 medications , Celexa, Geodon, Klonopin , and Hydroxizine . As well as Over the counter Melatonin and Sleep aid. Wednesday night i had panic attack took a few klonopin then couldnt sleep so i took sleep aids . The next morning i had a bad reaction to the combination and failed to stay in single lane, rear ended a car. The disorientation hit me all of a sudden after lunch. I had my son with me . (Under 15) . The officer thought i was drunk and did FST which i failed, i demanded a breathalyzer test he denied it and arrested me . Took me to hospital for Blood Alcohol Test. I have not taken any alcohol i dont even drink i just had a bad mixture of the meds i was taking . I was charged with DWI with a child under 15 and CPS came and made my wife and son leave to her gmas while they investigate. Can i beat this case ? I am already on probation (deferred) and she has been notified of this . She thinks i should fight it as well. I need my son back and i also went to my psych and got off the klonopin . Just to be safe. Please help. This is in TEXAS
With respect to Driving While Intoxicated, the State does NOT have to prove intoxication by alcohol. The question is...
I was arrested for a DWI. I wasn't intoxicated. Can I file a suit against the city or the officer for anything? If so, what?
I was in a car accident. A man pulled out of a parking space and I hit him. Cops showed up and I was asked if I had been drinking or on drugs. I said I had a beer or two and was prescribed depression and anxiety medication I had taken the previous day (I only take them when I need them) I was given a sobriety test. I failed (balance isn't my thing and I told her that) I requested twice for a breathalyzer and was denied. Arrested, had my blood drawn. Spent 13 hours or more in jail. Months after bonding out with no word of a court hearing I contact the DA and they had thrown the case out because my BAC was .01 or .02 and I didn't have a trace of drugs in my system. I had an open CPS case which obviously got worse as I had to then do therapy for my "alcohol and drug abuse", the damages to rental car I was driving was paid for out of pocket, I never got my bail back, clearly I already have an issue with anxiety and depression and it made every situation I was dealing with worse. I had to argue to be told why I was being arrested AFTER I was in cuffs and on the way to the station, kept being told "We'll discuss it when we get to the station"..I feel like she was just looking to arrest.
No. By your own admission, you failed the field sobriety tests and admitted to drinking alcohol and also being on a...
Do I have to do jail time for my second DWI?
I got my first one a month ago then I got another one today but I don't want to do jail time I'll take probation but I do t want to do jail time.
You may not have a choice. Second offenses carry mandatory jail penalties in almost all states. Two within a month...