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I blew .007 and .007, but I failed the sobriety tests of touching my nose one the 1 legged stand.
I do have degenerative disk disease and arthritis in my left hip, making these tests hard for me.
You didn't really ask a question. First, you shouldn't discuss your facts online as they are not protected by A/C...
Can i get early termination of probation if i completed all court orders but i'm still paying restitution.
I am on 15 yrs probation for DUI serious bodily injury .I have been paying $1000 a month restitution for the past 52 months.I would like to know what are my chances of getting an early termination since i completed my court ordered orders?
I would have to say, No. The length of your probation indicates either a prior criminal history or there was very...
In Florida, if you are a passenger in a car, driver not wearing seat belt and an empty beer bottle is in back seat
WIn the state of Florida, if you are a passenger in a car that has been pulled over for driver not wearing seat belt and an empty beer bottle is in the back seat, can you be held in jail over night? and, also, put on probation for three months? and given 10 hours of community service? and ordered to pay almost $500 in fees (not counting the drug test during the probation months)? All this without being read their rights until the next morning by the judge himself....All this and REFUSING to give the two young men a breathalyzer test after they requested it, both at the time of 'arrest' and the next morning? By the way, the passenger does not even have a court date. I am livid and would appreciate some clarification on this matter! ps The driver was driving with suspended license.
The answer is yes. Being read your rights is not relevant, unless they are trying to use statements the person made to...
DUI in November - have completed DUI School and Evaluation early and able to pay my fines...
when I go to court. I cannot afford a trail. Will completing all this early help me at all?
Whether or not it helps you depends on several factors, including the facts of your case, your record, who the...
How long does it take to get a DUI PTD contract issued ?
I am eligible for PTD and I I am willing to get this DUI case over with and will be willing to satisfy my requirements/conditions quickly in order to get the case ,Nolle Prosequi. I have been researching cases on the clerk's website, and I can see from other people's cases that the PTD contract is issued on average after, 4 months or so, while some were given the next month. I am unsure why this is. I would like to know how soon after the Pre trial conference, can I get my contract and start fulfilling it ?
It takes way too long in Orange county. Nobody knows why. It's terrible. It has also gotten expensive.
Can a county wait 8 years to turn in dui conviction?
I was convicted of a dui in 2007. I just got a letter saying my license has been suspended for this offense. when I called the dmv I was told that the county just turned in my conviction and I have to pay to get my license back. I don't understand how this is possiable when in 2007 I was placed on probation, had my license suspended , was required to go to dui classes, and pay fines to get my license back.
How long was the length of your suspension when you were adjudicated on the DUI. If it was a year, your suspension...
How long does state of Florida have to charge after accident for dui. accident was dec i went to hospital no charge yet
went to hospital possible blood drawn can they still arrest at this time.I recvd a ticket for open container
This depends on the level of the offense that can be charged. For example, a DUI that results in serious bodily injury...