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Single Car accident under influence, taken to hospital, no tests or questions by police and no tests? Can I be charged for Dui?
I was in the single car accident while under influence. There were no tests or questions at the scene. I was taken to hospital, no police were there for any questions or tests. Hospital tested blood for medical treatment and found over the limit alcohol? Can I be charged for dui? I have a clean record.
Depends if they legally tested you. Get a local attorney to review the procedures and evidence.
I'm on probation for drug charge and got a dwi will they give me all my back up time ?
I was convicted for a misdemeanor drug charge and I was given four years suspended to 18 months I served 18 months and was given three years probation. So 3 months into my probation I got a DWI will that violate my probation and will they give me my full back up?
The court will most likely revoke all or some of your suspended time. You should consult with an attorney. I wish...
Can I be convicted of a Dui if I was in the back seat when the police pulled over?
My friends and I were coming back from a party when his car's clutch burned out, making my friend have to pull over. There were 5 people in the car, all under age and all intoxicated. The person on the steering wheel and the passenger both have suspended licenses and I was sitting in the back when police arrived. The officers said that they were firstly trying to assist us with the broken down car but once they smelled alcohol they made more investigations. The two people in the front had their license suspended and therefore agreed to say someone else was driving. They told the officers that I was the one who had been driving so the officers made me step out of the car and perform sobriety tests. They said my BAC was really high and arrested me and took me to the police station. There I was processed and charged with DUI. This, my question is whether the officers have enough evidence to charge/ convict me of this DUI. What are my chances of fighting it? Also is there anyway that I won't face a drivers license suspension?
They had enough to charge. But the question is there enough to convict. What will the other people in the car testify...
Husband was arrested for dwi 1st offence and class 5 felony hit and run. Does this call for jail time?
Husband was arrested for dwi first offense and class five felony hit and run. Hit car was totaled and we don't know if anybody else was hurt. He has a court date next month. Is there a possibility he goes to jail?
Yes. The court is very reluctant to be lenient especially if people are hurt. He needs the best local attorney you...
What do I have to do to expunge a dui and drunk in Public that happen in October 2011?
I will like to apply to jobs or the military without having to give a expiation for a mistake that I made 5 years ago. I understand that it was a serious traffic violation but I'm turning 24 and have outgrown those mistakes and would like to move on with my life.
There is nothing you may do to expunge these convictions. They will remain on your record forever unless you were to...
What are the possible consequences for an undocumented person that has been convicted of their first DUI?
i have a family member who has been convicted of their first DUI he is undocumented and does not have a valid license he right now is held in ICE detention center but he did not due any damage to the car or anyone , and did not resist his arrest. His court date is coming up and is yet to find a lawyer if he does not have a lawyer at his court date what are the possibilities that can happen to him.
You need to find a lawyer that is skilled in DUI and immigration laws. They will not always deport after a...
Can I request retesting of urine samples?
Due to my DUI I am required to attend 25 meetings (one meeting per week). I am periodically tested for compliance in the program (abstinence from alcohol). I have not had a drink in almost nine months, however I was told that my urine came back positive for a higher level of enzymes which is apparently due to alcohol intake. Again, I have not had anything to drink so I was baffled as to how that could happen. I was told I would need to restart the program from the beginning which is $35 a meeting. I want to know if there is anything I can do to prove I have not been drinking. I've volunteered to be tested daily. I don't want this to tarnish my program or my credibility. I've been doing everything right and have stayed away from alcohol and want a way to show I shouldn't be doubted.
If you have not already admitted to drinking, then you should consult an attorney and consider fighting this. Meet...