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  • Woman Who Helped Accused Shooter Stay On Run Sentenced

    Tuesday Jun 30 | via WSJM-AM Saint Joseph 

    The woman who helped a Niles man accused of shooting his girlfriend to get money while on the lam is headed to jail and will spend three years on probation. Torie Smith of Niles pled guilty to attempted accessory of a felon after the fact.


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  • How a 19-year-old ended up behind bars and on the se...

    Wednesday Jun 17 | via Daily Mail 

    How a 19-year-old ended up behind bars and on the sex-offender list after having consensual sex with a girl he met on a hook-up app Zachary Anderson, 19, met a girl on the hook-up app Hot or Not, and had consensual sex with her once in December Authorities found out about the illegal tryst when the girl's mother called 911, afraid she would miss a dosage of her medicine for epilepsy The judge sentenced Anderson to 90-days in prison, despite the girl and her mother pleading with him to drop the charges After his release from prison, Anderson will be on probation for five years, banned from living in a home with internet or owning a smartphone Unaware: Zachary Anderson, 19, is currently serving a three-month prison sentence for having sex with a 14 year old girl.


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Niles Law

My mother's boyfriend is a drunk and ruins every Holiday. He has a warrant out and I was wondering can I have him picked up?
He owes child support.
You can try. If you call the police with a location for a fugitive they will likely come out to see if they can't make...
Does the driver responsibility fee apply to non residents
I am from Indiana and got a owi in michigan
Yes it does - if you want to retain the privilege to drive in New York State. Failure to pay the DRA's will result in...
How long does it take to receive a determination on my dlad hearing?
it has been exactly one month today, and the hearing officer told me i would receive my determination within a month. Win or lose, i really need to get the final order so i can stop stressing about this. Also, is there any way i could contact them and find out when i will get it?
The DLAD is currently running behind. Recently I have seen it take up to seven weeks for them to send out orders....
How can a 10yr old unresolved dui be resolved?
it was my second dui 2002. my first was in michigan and this one in missouri, i did not go to my sentencing and i currently have a warrant out for my arrest but they will not pick me up from michigan. Is there anyway i could get that resolved without having to turn myself in in missouri? I would pay what ever fine i have to to get it resolved. please help.
You did not go to sentencing, so it is likely you did not receive a sentence. That sentence may include jail. It is...
Please define the restrictions to my restricted license.
I just received a restricted license. It has terms on it that state I may not consume any intoxicants, or any drug/alcohol related activity. I received a Dui, which resulted in this. I am not an alcoholic, in fact I drink socially once a month or so. I made a bad judgement call by driving after having a couple glasses of wine at a class reunion. Does this restriction apply to when i am driving or all the time? If i am not driving i do not understand whose business it is. I am not on probation with the court and I am using an interlock system for a year.
You can't drive with any measurable amount of so how in your system. I tell clients 24 hours between drinking and...
How can i keep from losing my license?
I have a restricted license and an interlock on my car. My DUI was in 2007. Despite zero violations from 2008-2013 i was not able to get it off. I couldn't afford an attorney to fight it. Last year i started drinking again. I had 3 violations. They were in Jan, March and October 2014. I blew .03 in my vehicle each time. I received a show cause hearing last week to appear in court today for those violations. I have not had a drink since October 20, 2014. I attend AA every day and see a counselor. The lady at SOS told me I violated my restricted license by drinking in general. I was never told i couldn't drink at all. Drinking and driving no, but where does it state no drinking alcohol period? I have been off probation since 2008.
Your best chance for minimizing the consequences of your recent violations is go hire a good attorney who handles...
Interlock question
I have interlock on my vehicle. I have had it on for nearly 5 years. I was denied my initial request to have it removed in 2012 due to a couple failed tests in 2010. I had zero failed tests and didn't drink at all from November 2010-April 2014. I relapsed in May 2014. I blew a .13 in the interlock. I also had 2 failed tests in October 2014 (both .03). Since then I have not had one drink and go to AA 5 days a week (i have signed sheets). Today I received a letter from the SOS to report in less than 2 weeks for a hearing. Can i lose my license? I work 45 minutes away and my wife and I have 4 children. I cannot lose my job.
Reapply to the court. Actually you should have an attorney apply for you.