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  • Midwest gets up to 15 inches of snow in some parts o...

    Monday Mar 23 | via Daily Mail 

    Police arrest 'predator' who sexually assaulted sleeping woman on New York City subway train after another passenger recorded attack and posted it on YouTube instead of intervening Mother-of-three is accused of 'manipulating the justice system' after retrial for her teacher husband's murder is delayed because she got PREGNANT through IVF EXCLUSIVE: Amanda Knox's supporters expect her to be found guilty of murder for THIRD time this week as Italy's top court to rule on death of Meredith Kercher Six questions that could show if you're at risk of dementia: How to cut your risk. How to cope if it strikes.


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  • Former Niles cop convicted of stealing from dead man

    Mar 17, 2015 | via Chicago Sun-Times 

    A former Niles police officer has been convicted of stealing $1,700 from a man who had been discovered dead in his room at a north suburban YMCA in 2009. William Christie, 53, was found guilty of one felony count of theft after a trial before Judge Angela Petrone, according to the Cook County state's attorney's office.


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Niles Law

Is it possible to obtain an International Drivers License while on RDP to travel to South Korea for business purpose ?
I am currently on Restricted Driving Permit for work purpose for a DUI until 11/2014. Is it possible to obtain International Drivers License to travel to South Korea for work to be able to rent cars while on RDP ?
The simplest answer is no, you cannot obtain an international drivers license, at least not in this country, if you...
Are there time restrictions on bringing administrative order after the criminal trial in which the information was known?
I had a DUI case in June 2010 that ended in a NOT GUILTY verdict, at the end of January 2011 I received a notice that said that they had good cause to believe I was not medically fit to operate a motor vehicle and canceled my license. The cop that arrested gave them this information which was untrue, is it legal to bring this information up so long after court date? He had the information then but I believe out of retaliation sent it to Sec. of State. Thanks.
No. What you need to do is have your doctor examine you and complete a medical report on the SOS form that responds to...
Can I get my summary suspension rescinded in IL if the police officer forgot to sign my summary suspension receipt?
I got a DUI two days ago. I blew a .18 and was arrested and booked. I was let go with a traffic ticket for speeding, and two DUI tickets (one for having a BAC over .16). I am going to talk to a lawyer and he mentioned I might be able to get my suspension rescinded. I looked at my summary suspension form and on the back there is a 'receipt to drive' but the arresting officer didn't fill it out at all and didn't even sign it. The text says "not valid if not signed by arresting officer" Is this something I can use in my summary suspenson hearing or am i reaching? I really need to be able to drive and I hope I can get it rescinded but I was just curious if this is something usable in court.
Possibly. You should consult with an attorney as soon as possible. There are statutory time lines for filing the...
Take a urine test or not
If i get arrested for d.u.i would it be my best option to not take a urine test or to take it
It's difficult to provide a blanket answer to this question. Think of these possible results: 1. If you pee and an...
RDP Violation
I have RDP from Jan/2013-Jan/2014 and Ive had 1st violation in Feb for tempering w/the device which was explained due to freezing of the device during the winter. 2nd violation in June for reading of .125 which was explained by my roommate's action without my knowledge. And I had a violation this morning for readings .058, .048, .030, .024 in 2 hr period. I thought 5 attempts at .05 or high reading is a violation but I was wrong. I was a Level 2 Significant Risk. When the SOS sends me a letter, how likely is it for my RDP to be canceled and any suggestions for response to the explanation letter? Thank you.
As a level 2 the RDP will not be canceled for high readings. (you are correct 5 attempts above .05 is a violation but...
Should I get a lawyer for my dui?
I'm 18 years old. I got a dui for honking at my friends to come out of a store. My car was not moving, but they noticed I was drunk and made me blow into a breathalyzer. I blew .167.... Should I get a lawyer? What happens if I don't get one? And how long would a dui stay on y record for?
You need a lawyer. A DUI at your age could mean long term loss of a license and DUI stay on your record in Illinois...
I was charged with a DUI last night.
I was involved in an accident. It was the other person's fault. But I did received a ticket for "not slowing down to avoid accident" Which makes no sense. I do not think the test results matter because I drank liquor at the Scene AFTER the crash. I just waited in the car actually and drank wine port.The police did arrive and it said on the ticket that they noted I had wine in my hands when they arrived. I have a jeep and the damage didn't really look to bad, (her car looked totaled) . I didn't know how to handle the situation. I was also drinking before I got into the jeep. But I believe it was the wine I drank at the scene that put me over the limit.
Report this to your auto carrier and hire a criminal attorney. Do not post more admissions online.