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Any way to check if DUI charges have been filed?
I was detained for a DUI in April but have not received anything in the mail. Is there a possibility they sent to wrong address? Is there any way to check to see if charges have been filed?
Call the Criminal court office and ask.
DUI 6/03; site; Wants 2 plea..I say NO. How can he be charges stand; when even the docket sheets cnfrm no Miranda read?
1st dui; over 10 years since last; charges 1. 75 § 3802 §§ D2*, 2. 75 § 3802 §§ D1ii* He already pulled off the road; didnt feel right, the police pulled up. He failed test, allowed search; taken 4 blood work. He is on meds; pshych & suboxone. he took something else too. the ? he wants to plea at bail hearing; & I say NO WAY. he wasnt read Miranda. Something medically happened around the same time; diag with "drop foot"(our hosp suck! all they did was look at his foot;sent him 4 brace)took 15min! I got him in Pgh's Rooney Concussion spec. 2 find out why this happened; he's suffered ALOT of head trauma(3 3rd grade concussions in the 6 yrs weve been married). I noticed his memory not working; ex we went 4 tires; he went to wrong place; he's NEVER done that! He swore it was one name; when the actual name was way off, & many other things w/memory; his gait, etc ( I have son w/C.P. so I notice)I feel he shouldn't plea. Go for trial; take all medical docs showing there was/is a serious med issue that may support his case?
Your disjointed recitation is not helpful. Clearly, this defendant has a complicated medical history. Also, it...
What are my options. I got a DUI in Cambria County, Pennsylvania last night. I'm in the military and I take care of my mom. HELP
Last night (March 8, 2017) I went to a local tavern in Cresson, Pennsylvania at 8:00pm EST. I stayed until approximately 11:15pm, having consumed four beers within those three hours. I returned to my home and ate a heavy meal and slept for approximately one hour. I awoke at around 1:00am and left in my vehicle at 1:30am. I considered myself fit to drive and completely sober. After driving for around twenty minutes I was stopped on PA Route 53 North at 1:53am. The reason the State Trooper gave me for stopping me was "my third brake light was out". This was a surprise to me due to the fact I have been stopped multiple times by State and local law enforcement, and it was never mentioned. The fact is the light was covered by a plate in my back window, it was not burnt out. After asking for my information the Trooper breathalyzed me from my drivers seat. He then proceeded to ask me to step out of the vehicle. I was given one field sobriety after being asked to remove my PRESCRIPTION eyeglasses. I am legally blind without corrective lenses. He failed me after I completed the test and took me to a local emergency room, where I was administered a blood test. I was not given the results.
You need to hire a DUI lawyer immediately. It is impossible to say what all of the options will be and provide advice...
HELP ME PLEASE!! I take care of my mom and I'm in the military. I got A DUI last night but blood came back 0.07. What do I do?
I need some help. I'm in a very tough spot. I am between a rock and a hard place. I take care of my mom full time and also hold down a job at a restaurant. I had three drinks last night and got pulled over for a light out on my car. Blood came back today at 0.07 but I failed the field sobriety test. Please help me I AM SO SCARED!!!
First thing you should do is hire a DUI attorney in the County where this occurred. If you have no prior record you may...
DUI while on probation
I was arrested for first DUI 3 days ago I am on 2 yrs probation for 2 counts misdemeanor possession have passed all drug test and met all requirements till this new charge I would have bein done in 5 months I called my po Monday he said he will prob violate me at my preliminary hearing what is going to happen will I be detained at hearing am I going to jail?
Yes you will be detained and go to jail pending your Gagnon 1 hearing.
Is cbd oil legal
I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and have heard that cbd oil can help. I live in Pennsylvania. I have been told that as of 3 weeks ago or so it is now illegal. Is this true? I have still seen it advertised on some websites and facebook pages. I have never tried it, I do not smoke pot or take any illegal drugs and do not want to get in trouble but would like to see if this help me.
From a purely common sense view-point, if I were suffering from a serious medical condition, I would find a physician...
What would the penalties be for driving in the state of PA with a revoked license from FL?
Could you tell me what the penalties/consequences would be for driving (not under the influence) in the state of PA with a revoked license due to a felony DUI in the state of Florida?
If your license was revoked because of a DUI, each driving while suspended could earn you between 60 and 90 days in...