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What are the chances of DUI getting dropped?
I blew all 000 on the breathalyzer at 10:15am. I was arrested at 9:10am and had a beer in a half. I told the cop I took one xanax 1 mg 2 hours ago. He did a urine test at 11:31am. He didn't read me my Miranda rights until 11:56am. I have aspergers/Autism spectrum disorder Harrington rods and a speech impediment a bad combination for "impairment". I went to court. Judge said its unusual for police not to corporate. It has to be resolved in 90 days or they have to get a subpena for FST and urine analysis. What are the chances of xanax showing up in the urine test? I have a script for them. The police did not have probable cause to stop me. They stopped me based on an anonymous tip made by coworkers that I was "driving impaired". What are the chances of the DUI getting dropped?
You should not be posting specific information like this in my opinion. You need to consult with local criminal defense...
I blew all 000 I was arrested because of my medication. Chances of DUI being dropped?
The Urine analysis came back showing xanax in my system. Talked to my lawyer about the FST and in house videos. They said they still haven't gotten it yet. They said that the cops only got a partial video of the FST with no sound. The in house video is blank and corrupt. What are the chances of the charges being dropped with partial/corrupt videos with no sounds?
Just having Xanax in your system isn't enough to convict. What were the levels? How does the partial video look? Why...
Are police suppose to fill out paper work first before they hand it to you? and are they allowed to make changes to tickets?
I just realized reading through my report that urine test has 3 different times 11:31am 11:35am then 11:37am which didn't make sense then it finally did. The cop handed me the urine complied consent form first and had me sign it at 11:31am didn't tell me what it was then he filled out the form at 11:35am and handed me the cup at 11:37am and tricked me into doing a urine test asking me if I needed to piss I said yes he said I can't use the toilet until I piss in the cup. So I said ok and pissed in the cup so I could piss in the toilet so I wouldn't wet my self. Then he made a change to the DUI ticket and put DUI/urine collected. Are police suppose to fill out the paper work first before they give it to the person under arrest?
First, you need an attorney who practices DUI defense. DUI cases are incredibly complicated and the case law varies...
I was arrested and charged with a DUI because of my medication Xanadu mg
I was having a beer in my driveway . lit up a smoke and chugged half a beer . cop comes around the corner and walks up asks me if i can do the field sobriety test . I said yes sir I only had a beer in a half . I told him of my disabilities aspersion / autism and Harrington rods with scoliosis . I do the sobriety test and failed it i told the officer I took Xanadu 1 mg two hours ago before I drove to the store to buy beer . 4 miles away which I got a script for . Then he asks me for my drivers licenses to write me a ticket . what are the chances of the charges being dropped before going to trial ? I can not perform the sobriety test properly because of the three disabilities I have . I all so have a speech impediment I blew all 000 and was arrested because of my medication .
Did the police obtain a urine or blood sample from you? Also, there may be motions that can be filed in your case....
Do I still have to get an interlock machine after my five years are up on a 2nd dui in the state of florida?
I received a 2nd dui in 2004. I waited 5 yrs for my license to be cleared of revocation but the DMV tells me that I still have to get an interlock system installed in my vechicle because of a Florida state law passed in 2006. I didn't receive any information stating that my sentencing has changed. Am I still required to have this system installed and if not how do I go about rectifying the situation?
The DMV is a powerful agency in that it is difficult to not do what they say and still have a license. The DMV, as an...
I am a Florida resident but got a DUI in TN. I pled guilty and my case is now closed. My question is about obtaining a license.
TN has suspended my license for one year for refusal to blow. I am a Florida resident and need to obtain a hardships or restricted license to get to and from work. However, the state of FL defers to other states. How can I get my license reinstated for a restricted license from TN for my FL job as a FL resident?
You must wait the year imposed by TN
What action may be taken when an investigating fhp officer takes possession of a dui suspect blood sample then loses it?
The blood sample and hospital lab results were taken from the hospital by the lead officer then later reported as unsuccessful blood draw. After our own investigation we found the original blood worksheet filled out by the officer and signed. FHP reported the blood awaiting testing for more than a year then stated it was never retrieved from the hospital. The hospital will not respond to my questions. FHP will not respond to my calls. The drunk driver went from 5 years for nearly killing my still severely disabled wife to a $500 fine and misd dui. We were cheated of justice and criminal restitution. We wish to sue the FHP. What type of lawyer do we need and what type of liability does the FHP have?
You need a civil rights attorney, but I'm not sure the FHP's negligence is not protected by governmental immunity....