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How long does it take to get a DUI expunged? How Much? And can I pay after I start driving .
I'm trying to get in with a trucking company that claims they can't hire me with 3 DUI's. The reason they wouldn't be able to hire me is for there Insurance purposes. They said if I can get one reduced or expunged they could hire me. I'm 53 and my DUI's were in "81" "82" "92".
If your DUIs were in Ohio, you are not able to have any of them expunged from your record. Unfortunately, in Ohio no...
Can I get into trouble for those tweets and can my dui be brought into this?
This is honestly embarrassing to even have to ask. So my fiance has a kid with another women. She creeped my twitter and saw some tweets I posted saying I wish I could still do it in the truck but can't because of the car seat. And when things like this happen I feel like she won. She's trying to take it to court which I don't know how she can. She's claiming I'm hurtful to her son by those tweets. Which I do not understand either. I was recently in a really bad car accident about 6 months ago a dui I was not with my fiance at the time. I lost my mom to cancer and started drinking heavily after I left my boyfriend because I didn't want his son around it and I wasn't ready for help yet. So I left. Me and him got back together after my accident. He came to the hospital and was there the whole time we didn't know if I was going to make it and I lost my left eye from it. Ever since we got back together she has been trying anything and everything to get me out of the picture. Again this is embarrassing to me because I don't see how any of this benefits the kid. I just don't know if I could be in more trouble.
Wow, thank god I don't do family law. Your case was posted under DUI not custody, however, I do believe the mother has...
Can i appeal to not be required to have an interlock/plates on my car to drive again since its a few years into the suspension?
I have a 5 year suspension on my license (3rd ovi in 6 years unfortunately) that ends may 2019. I have not driven, not asked for priveleges in 2 years since the suspension started and forfeited my license and any chance to ask for priveleges for the option of a state id instead. i have to at some point get a temporary permit and retake a drivers test, by which time it would be around 2 1/2 to 3 years of no driving .After that length of time and voluntarily forfeiting my license, I do not understand why I should need to be required interlock/rest. plates when the judge said at sentencing that if i fulfilled and successfully completed all requirements of sentencing that he would revoke the suspension completely. Prob. Officer also stated that even if i did get my license early i would be required no matter what, to have an interlock/plates on the car that i drive until 2021 even though my suspension ends in may 2019.I understand the reasoning behind having an interlock, past experience and research I did shows me that the device is not as effective as claimed.
1)N the mandatory minimum drivers license suspension on a 3rd DUI w/i 6 years is 2 years. You should hire an attorney...
Received and out of state DUI on a military base. It's been over a year now and it is not on my license.
DUI not showing up on license. I received an out of state DUI on a military base. It's been over a year and nothing shows up on my dmv record. Will it show up on an employment background check?
You never know what can show up on a background check
What is the best way to resolve a DUI case from 2007 in California from Ohio?
I was sited with a DUI in June of 2007 while living in California, I relocated shortly there after, hired a lawyer to represent me, but there still seems to be outstanding issues. I have lived in Ohio since September of 2007. This showed up when I went to replace my Ohio DL, and need help to resolve.
You need to speak to a lawyer in California about this. It may be difficult to resolve this case without going to...
What should I plead or say to the judge?
First time OVI, done the field sobriety test but when asked to balance on one leg because of bad knees I could not comply, after telling the officer this, he put me in the back of cop car, no further testing was admistrated, so I did NOT blow, and was never asked to. I was not arrested the cop allowed me and my girlfriend to get a ride from a friend, I got court in the morning, I am 57 years old, I have had no priors, I am a chef/ kitchen manager and work alot of hours..I can't afford to lose my Driver's License.. What are my options? Is there any loop hole? I just don't have the money for a lawyer...
Good luck with your hearing. This is a tricky situation because you cannot count on the judge taking your lack of...
Why would a suspected drunk driver who refused a breathalyzer not ever be arrested?
My car broke down and we were pushing it off of the freeway. My husband a boys pushed while I steered. We got it half way up a ramp off to the right of the line, had flashers, reflective triangle and vests. My boys stopped to take a Break on the back of the vehicle, I put it in park and a drunk driver hit them. My youngest was injured but my middles son suffered 2 crushed legs and a host of other injuries and nearly died on the scene as well as in the hospital. We live in the Columbus Ohio area. She had no valid license no insurance and it wasn't her car!
You should contact a personal injury lawyer to protect your sons' rights immediately. Although there was no license or...