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Can get a DUI dismissed due technicalities such as incorrect license plate num and failure to identify that I had a passenger?
I was pulled over recently at a soberiety checkpoint I blew a .09 and was taken for blood testing. However the police had the incorrect license plate number and did not identify that I had a passenger with me can these charges be dismissed based on these technicalities?
I'm a bit confused by the label "speeding ticket" that was selected and the stated facts of the incident. Apparently...
If blood was taken and a person came back positive for marijuana but was not high at the time can he still suffer legal issues?
If a person smoke marijuana over 24 hours ago and was not high at the time that can a person still receive a dwi?
The answer is yes but there are possible defenses. If charged, it is suggested that you retain a criminal defense...
I was recently arrested for a DUI. I blew a .17 at 1:06AM. My blood was taken at 2:06AM. Could it have went down?
If my BAC was above .16, is there ANY CHANCE it could be lowered to a Tier II offense? This is my first DUI offense. I have never been in trouble with the law previously. Would it be helpful to complete the CRN, AAHS, and community service prior to my preliminary hearing? Please advise. I appreciate any and all insights.
There is a chance that your charges can be amended, but without more specific information, it is hard to say....
On a 90 day sentence, I was given 10 weekends in jail and 70 days house arrest in Delaware County Pa. Weekends are completed.
As a tenant in a private home, I can not comply with the usual house arrest rules. Although I would prefer not, can the 70 days be converted back to 35 weekends as to not loose a job that I just aquired 10 days ago.
You can speak to the attorney that represented you at sentencing. That is your best approach, and I recommend doing it...
Will I be able to get underage drinking charges dismissed?
I am an 18 year old who just finished high school and made a stupid mistake earning an underage drinking citation my first time drinking. My town has a youth panel for people under 18 that dismisses charges after completion of a judge-determined program. Will I be eligible for such a program despite my age? I have already contacted a lawyer to represent me at the hearing. My past behavior has been exemplary also as I am the valedictorian of my class and Ivy League-bound. What are my chances for dismissal? Any advice? If charges are dismissed or later expunged, what repercussions will this have in job/grad school applications?
If you already have a lawyer then you should really be asking these questions of your lawyer.
Will i have a warrant for failure to appear or dui after all this time
three years ago i ran out of gas on I-95 near a construction site where a state police officer helped me push my car over andsmelled alcolol on me he arreste me for dui at the station then released me that nite. He knew I am dying from cancer and was very nice to me. I never received papers never went to post office to pick up anyway i failed to appear for court, Now three years later officer called me on phone and said to turn myself in at a district court. is there a statute of limitations on dui charges or will I have a warrant for failure to appear
Once the complaint is filed, there is no statute of limitations. However, there could be some defenses. Meet with a...
How will this dui in another state affect my dui probation?
I have 3 years fresh probation for a DUI and driving without a license. This would be my 4th strike. My probation officer hasn't found out about it yet and I think it's because it's in another state but I go to court later this month for it. I wrecked the car I was in. Am I facing jail time. I have been locked up before for this.
Sounds like you have put yourself in a position for substantial jail time. The violation is a bad one and a judge will...