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How is it that my baby's father get a DUI but claim their was a mysterious driver and get his license back
My baby's father was driving and flipped his car with the kids inside, no seat belts were engaged and he was charged with (DUI/DWI)
I'm not sure I entirely understand your question, but if you are asking why he got his license back, it is probably...
Statute of limitations for interlock device
the phrasing of my question might not be correct but here's my situation: I am a nc resident with a license restriction for an interlock device as a result of dwi. I have two years remaining to have the device in my car. I am relocating to Maryland (husband military) for the next four years. My concern is that at any point in the future if we move back to nc I will have to pick up where I left off and complete my two years with device. I'd rather not be in that situation in my thirties with a young family. The only other apparent alternative is to maintain an nc license and for two years drive 9 hours round trip once a month to have the device calibrated in nc as the state requires. Any other options?
NC will not let you renew or reinstate your license without the interlock device being installed and maintained for the...
Looking for a dui attorney in hickory
Old case, 2004. Dui in hickory, looking for an attorney that can help me with a reasonable flat fee.
Interesting scenario. Did you miss your court date from 2004, and recently served with the Order for Arrest, or has it...
Looking for an attorney that can handle a case in catawba county
Old case, dui from 2004. I now live in florida. And would like to have this handled with out me traveling there, but would if I had to. This case was continued several times and I had a family emergency in florida, so this was never disposed of. I am trying to get my license straightened out here but it is impossible until this case in catawba is disposed of.
You need to go to the "find an attorney" function of avvo.
Dui from 2004 in hockory, nc. After being continued 3 times left for florida.
I was in an accident in hickory in 2004. The state patrol showed up and gave me a citation to appear in court. I showed up and the case was continued 3 times. I am in need of good representation to resolve this matter because I need my drivers license in florida. I know there was a warrant issued with a no out of state pick up. I know the state trooper is no longer in that county. I know I refusedon't a breathalyzer. As a result of the accident I was transported to catawba Valley medical center where there was ano order to take blood, but I don't think they did because the results of that blood test were never documented. Is there anyone in Hickory that would feel comfortable handling this case. I would prefer not coming to North Carolina to be present, but would if absolutely necessary.
FLHSMV absolutely won't license you till this DWI is resolved. NCDMV won't clear you until this goes to court. Skipping...
Can I keep my child away from his dad if we have custody papers but he recently just got a dui and child abuse charge
My 12 year old child goes to his dad's everyother weekend due to the fact we have court papers saying he has to, but he recently was in a car accident drinking and driving with his two younger kids from another woman, and he was charged with dui and child abuse and child under 16 with no seat belt and I was wondering if I would keep my son from going to his house, how much trouble could I get in?
We definitely cannot advise you on this forum to specifically violate a current court order or agreement (you were not...
Will I be able to get my license back in 2016 or April 2017?
I was charged with a dui in January 2015. I did not blow. My lawyer set up a hearing with the dmv for July 2015 about the refusal. The result of the hearing with the dmv was that I was guily. At this point I received a paper in the mail that said my suspension ran from july 2015-July 2016. I, then, went to court in April of 2016, where I was also found guilty. I had another piece of mail that was delivered to my mother's house, stating I would lose my license from April 2016-April 2017. This seems like a mistake. I shouldn't have to be punished twice.
Sorry, but this is not a mistake. You received two different suspension. The first suspension was under NCGS 20-16.2...