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  • Newton Police: Man Charged With Assault With Knife

    Sunday Jun 14 | via 

    Police responded to a report of an assault involving a knife that just occurred at Ricker Road. The suspect fled the scene in a dark colored Honda CRV.


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  • Gun Control Advocate Sues Missouri Police

    Tuesday Jun 9 | via Courthouse News Service 

    After a gun-control advocate posted "Which one do I need to shoot up a kindergarten?" on a pro-gun Facebook page, Missouri police arrested him illegally, he claims in court. James Robert Ross posted the remark in the comments section of a pro-gun article on a Facebook page on Jan. 25. Jackson police arrested him the next day, for disturbing the peace and making a terrorist threat, Ross says in his federal lawsuit.


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  • Driver Charged in 'Life-Threatening' Operation Durin...

    Friday Jun 5 | via 

    A Framingham man accused of striking a state trooper with his car door and leading police on a high speed chase through Newton over the weekend faced arraignment on Wednesday, said Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley. Edward Hugill was arraigned on charges of assault and battery on a police officer, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, failure to stop for police, operating with a suspended license, speeding, speeding to endanger, and a marked lanes violation.


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  • Waltham Man: Man Arrested for Failing to Register as...

    May 21, 2015 | via 

    At 12:02 p.m., Robert Grella, 75, 214 Newton St., Waltham, was arrested and charged with drinking alcohol in public At 12:19 p.m., Charles Busuito, 49, 31 Purchase St., Milford, was arrested and charged with drinking in public At 10:28 p.m., Godfrey Mukasa, 56, 100 Stow St., Waltham, was arrested and charged with drinking in public At 9:11 p.m., Eugene O'Connor, 51, 296 California St., Newton, was arrested and charged with failing to register as a sex offense, warrant, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Editor's note: This post was derived from information supplied by the Waltham Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.


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Newton Law

I received a dui in MA. Araignment 3/30. When will my offense show on a CORI?
I was taken to hospital and received a ticket while in the hospital. I'm pleading guilty. First dui. Im looking for a job and want to know if my charge will appear on a cori check immediately? If I receive a CWOF will that change anything in relation to a CORI check?
It will show up after your arraignment date. Specifically on the arraignment date or the day after. With regard to a...
Will my OUI show up on a third party background check?
I just got off of probation 8/19/13 and have been a temporary worker at a client site for almost a year now. Today I was surprised by a formal offer letter pending the satisfactory results of a comprehensive background check. Will my CWOF show on a third party check? I'd love to get hired here but it would be a bummer if I didn't on the basis of my first (and only) misdemeanor offense.
It probably will unless you move to seal your record It also depends it part on the type of business you work....
Mass DAE program - first time offender drug testing
If enrolled in a first time offender DAE class listed on the page, do they drug test the participants? If so, do they test specifically for what you were on during OUI or just plain urine screen? It appears online that only multiple offenders are drug tested.
Hello - The only time drug testing will be a term of probation is if the judge ordered it during your plea. Check...
Worked for my friend because he have suspended license. Is it a crime?
My friend works for a transportation company in Newton, and had his license suspended. So he hired me to drive for him picking up his clients. If his work finds out is this a crime?, or only thing that can happen is him possibliy being fired. Thank you
Not criminal as long as you have a license. You want to check with insurance company because upon suspension, the RMV...
Got 2nd DUI last Sept. in California but have moved to Boston. Didn't get a restricted license. How can I get LI in MA.
I got convicted for my 2nd DUI in Redwood City CA last September (first one 6 years prior in Santa Clara CA), and have moved to Boston MA. I got my DUI classes transferred to online by the court and did not opt for a restricted license while in CA. Can I apply for a license in Boston through Termination of Action in CA? When can I do that -- I was told after a year but when I called the Mandatory Actions Unit, the clerk told me it was a 2-year suspension and that I could not apply for Termination of Action for 2-year?!?! Is this correct? How can I obtain my license in MA now? Please help.
Massachusetts only issues hardship licenses to drivers who already hold a Massachusetts license and then only under...
Not Guilty DUI.
I was found not guilty of a DUI in Massachusetts by a Judge and he later allowed sealing of my CORI. If I now try and drive to Canada will Canada see this or will they look at the FBI database? I was told even if my CORI is sealed in Mass it could still be present in the FBI database.. What would Canada use to determine ??
If you're curious about what will show on your record, conduct a live scan background check on yourself. Sir, this isn'...
DUI " Not Guilty" sealed CORI
In a nutshell...... I was accused of a DUI by Mass state police. I went to court and was found " Not Guilty" by a judge. I later petitioned the court to seal my CORI and the judge allowed this. Do I now have to petition the state police and FBI to correct this ?
I do not believe you can seal it is against the FBI or the state police