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How many continuances can I get for a DUI case?
I lost my job when I lost my license and was just able to start back working. I want to hire a lawyer but I need at least another week to get my 1st paycheck. I have had 2 continuances already.
As many as the judge is willing to grant. Let the judge know that you would like to hire an attorney and ask for time.
Can I get a dwi when the officer didn't perform any test?
I got pulled over. The officer asked if I had been drinking. I said I yes, he then gave me a ticket for dwlr and dwi and let me get out. He didn't perform any test or ask me to take any. Is this ok?
Sometimes things are forgotten or become confused during a traffic stop- traffic stops are stressful for everybody. You'...
Convicted of dui,first offense.if i wait a year and get license back do i have to have put in interlock
I have oppurtunity to get restricted license but gonna wait a year.i have had assessment and paying insurance and have done community service
If you blew .15 or above, interlock is required
Do i need to have a regular drivers license before i can get a cdl?
i want to get a cdl but i lost my regular license in 2004 for a dwi. i have to have a breathalyzer installed in my personal vehicle and i want to know if i had to have my regular license before i could get a cdl.
You are not eligible for a CDL now and probably will be disqualified for the DWI conviction
How can i prove that i took dui classes
I took dui classes in 2008 paid all fines and fees an got my license back a week later got cdl permit but never put to forward 9 years find trucking company willing to train me so i do application for another cdl permit everything goes fine application accepted take test but don't pass 1 part told to come back the next day.. come back next day to retest and was told i can't take test i have to have some number merge with my current license because my dwi classes was put under whatever number they taking about saying it'll take 10 days. 9 days later my license suspended and they telling me i have to do classes..if i didnt do classes i wouldn't have a license right..just ruin my life after doing and paying everything the courts asked out me.. What do i do now
Obviously DUI classes are not cheap (intentionally to deter future DUI). Did you pay by check? Credit Card? Records...
I’m in the Army and got a DUI on base. What can I expect.
Pulled for speeding 34 in a 25...they smelled alcohol so did a breathalyzer. Blew a .09.
You can expect that court will be at the Federal Courthouse which is located above the main post office downtown on...
)What does the M mean in DWI/M?
Probably means your son in law’s charge was a misdemeanor and thankfully not a fellow by DWI. He needs a lawyer if his...