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Dui - false conviction
I was arrested in the US by the tribal police for a misdemeanour of supposedly being under the influence of drugs. I passed the breathalyser, I didn't do great on the field test (walking in a straight line thing) because I am a truck driver and I am tired but it was obviously not on drugs. They pulled me over because I was in the middle Lane late at night avoiding livestock on the side during a storm. The cop took me to the hospital for a drug test and the results will be back in 3-6 mths. When will the actual trial be, when the results arrive. Will I be allowed to drive in NY at least until I am found innocent? Will I be arrested after the first appearance? Do I need a lawyer as this is a huge misunderstanding. Not to mention the cop didn't allow me to go to the washroom for 6 hours...
Get a lawyer immediately. Do not wait for trouble confront it
How long should it take to be arraigned for DWI if it is the second charge?
If one is awaiting sentencing for a DWI, gets a second DWI and is taken to the county where the first DWI occurred on a bench warrant and jailed, sentenced for the first charge and remained jailed. How long should it take to be arraigned on the second charge? I thought it was within 48 hours not 10 days shy of six months.
Usually, the arraignment on the local county charge comes before a person is returned to another county on a bench...
If one is arrested for DWI and released on bail awaiting sentencing are they on probation?
The Judge released him and his sentence was going to be 5 years probation, he had a interview with the probation office for back ground check. The probation office was in the process of making a decision and he was arrested for a second DWI and taken to jail. He was never on probation, I believe. He was sentenced 9 months later for the second charge and denied parole because the court said he got his second DWI while on probation.
You are not on probation until sentenced to probation by the judge. However, I would speak with his attorney to...
Can nunc pro tunc be used to correct a sentence for DWI?
Two DWI sentences running concurrent 1 1/3 - 4 and 1 2/3 - 5. The agreement was to run concurrent starting form the first day in prison. It took 10 months for the second charge to go through the court system and DOCC's added 10 months to the end of the sentence as the details were not spelled out in the minutes or put in any of the documents submitted. Just a box was checked saying concurrent.
Contact the attorney who handled the case at sentencing. Perhaps the court can correct the sentencing dockets.
First time probation violation
i was put on probation due to the fact i stayed at a friend house and had some beers and went to go home around 930 the next morning and had to blow into my interlock device and it read they put me on probation and just wondering what would happen if i fail the 80 hr etg test for th very first time?
You always face the possibility of being resentenced to jail.
Can I leave the country with DWI charges pending?
I was arrested for DWI felony, but still going through courts and haven't been convicted of anything yet. Next court day is June 20th 2013. I had planned on going on vacation to a mexico resort, am I able to go?
Assuming the court didn't impose travel restrictions (and they usually don't) you can go. The issue is whether you can...
Will I have to take a drug test at my arraignment hearing? If so, how does the drug test influence the judge's decision?
I was arrested for felony misdemeanor b possession of 28 grams of marijuana.
No. Unless that is a local procedure I don't know about. I've only seen in court drug testing where the defendant is in...