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How can I fight a public drinking ticket from an open beer in Newport RI?
Two of my friends and I were on a beach in Newport RI. There was an open beer next to us that one of us had been drinking. Cops came over and told us that they had been called because a bunch of people were splitting a 30-rack and getting drunk on the beach (the cops saw them leaving as the they arrived). They said that they had to give us a ticket "in case anyone was watching," but assured us it was no big deal and like a parking ticket. The ticket didn't say how much it was on it and "like a parking ticket" didn't sound like a big deal so we weren't too worried. We just got the ticket (which was written out to just one of us) and it's for nearly 500 dollars. One thing that's weird is the beach name written on the ticket is a slang name, not the official name if that helps. Advice?
Bring it to court, the cop will probably reduce or dismiss it there. If not, fight it and point the finger at your...
I am 17 and got Pulled over for going too fast, will i lose my license?
I was driving home at night and I did not realize that apparently I was driving 80 mph in a 55mph zone. I was very tired which probably explains why I did not realize this. The officer only charged me with going 65mph. I was pulled over and I have a court hearing that i must attend because I am not 18 yet. I have never been pulled over before. Will I get my license revoked?
Probably not but you would do well to consult a traffic ticket Attorney inn your area.
In the state of Rhode Island, what is the probable punishment for a hit and run with a DUI and no injuries?
My husband went out and got drunk and drove home. On his way home he hit another vehicle and proceeded to drive away. A little ways down the road he abandoned the vehicle on the side of the road and walked the rest of the way home. A few min later he was picked up at home by the police and since the driver of the other vehicle refused to go to hospital because she wasnt injured he was charged with a misdemeanor hit and run and a DUI with a BAC of .227. He is being arraigned tomorrow and I was trying to get an idea of what's to come, punishment wise. Will he have a chance at 30 days in jail and fines or just fines? Thank you in advance.
Your husband will be facing up to one year in jail, license suspensions, and heavy fines among other penalties. He...
What are the chances that my fiance's DUI charge will affect our wedding/honeymoon plans?
My fiance was arrested for a dui in RI this weekend (we live in CT). He refused to take a breathalyzer and was immediately arrested. We are getting married less than 2 weeks, and his court date is the day of our wedding. We then leave for our honeymoon the next day. Will he be able to get a continuance for after our honeymoon? Will we even be able to leave the country for our honeymoon at all? We've spent a lot of money on these events and he is devastated that this happened during this time.
First, congratulations on your wedding. I know this comes during a tough time. I'm sure you can get continuances, but I...
Hi, I need a court disposition on a case from 1990 in orlando florida
I was charged wit DUI , but dont have any paperwork on it and dont know where to go
You should contact the clerk of courts in the county where you were charged with the DUI/OVI. They will have the...
I got charged with DUI 1st Offense- BAC unknown; refusal to submit to chemical test 1st offence, Overtaking on the right &
I got charged with DUI 1st Offense- BAC unknown; refusal to submit to chemical test 1st offence, Overtaking on the right & speeding 11+mph over prescribed limit. I see that my address is incorrect in the summons. I have no history of any offense or have any tickets in the past.
Find and retain a criminal defense attorney ASAP to discuss the case and potential defenses privately. You'll find no...
Why does my driving record say 1st offense DUI when the charge was amended?
I recently had to go to court to fight a DUI. After going through the lengthy process, finally the charge was amended and I accepted the deal the state of RI had to offer, which was a reckless driving filing for one year amongst a couple other things, but no loss of license. I went online to pay the court fees and through the RI court website it states that I pleaded nolo contendere to the DUI, but has nothing written about reckless driving. I have all my documents from my lawyer stating what the filing was (reckless driving), and the letter basically summed up what we discussed in court and what the judge had said about amending the charge. My question is, why is this not reflecting on my driving record? When my insurance goes to pull my record, this is what they are going to see and it is aggravating because it wasn't a DUI, it was reckless driving. I need advice on what to do and how to get this fixed because I called my lawyer and he just said that "official documents show the amendment".. but I need more than just that answer.
Without reviewing the record, there's no way an attorney can say. Although, mistakes happen all the time.