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What are the likely repercussions of a first time dui offense.
Pulled over near the entry of fort eustis military base because of illegal tint and charged with dui after submitting to breathalizer and field sobriety test. Also charged with open container.
Hire a local experienced DUI attorney right away. Your chances of minimizing a damaging outcome are greatly increased...
How do I get started and what type of attorney should I look for?
Looking for an attorney willing to sue the Virginia DMV . The va DMV wrongfully put a lifetime suspension on. MY class a Cdl in 2008, and after many attempts of calling and trying to notify them of the mistake. Otho g was done. Finally sept. 14 2016 the Richmond DMV office was contacted by phone and they admitted that an error had occurred and deleted the lifetime suspension. So for the past 8 years I have been working temp jobs and w.e I could find because of their error. I took a major loss of income and lost my owner operator status and living lifestyle
We (participating AVVO lawyers) are not permitted to solicit business for either ourselves or for other lawyers. I can,...
I am on 3yrs unsupervised probation for my 2nd dui. And my case was sent back to court by my case worker. Can i be violated
My case was sent back to court by my case worker. For missing to many classes for my counseling meeting..
This is a criminal matter. Yes, you could be violated if your p.o. recommends it and the judge agrees. I suggest you...
How do I avoid losing my license and or jail time?
I made a huge mistake and drove drunk. Thankfully no one was hurt. The bad part if that I was involved in a hit and run and that's why the police pulled me over. damage said to be around 500. I don't remember anything until I got pulled over. This info came from the officer. I was given sobriety test and also blew <.08 but was tested again at the station and blew . 15 This is my first offense. I have a clean record otherwise ans I'm also a nanny. AGE :25
Q: How do I avoid losing my license and or jail time? A: You may or may not be able to do either or both. The "...
Am I going to jail
This is my third offense with driving without a license in Virginia this will be my third charge in last charge was last year what will happen in court
If this would be your third conviction under 46.2-301 (driving without a license with notice), you are facing a minimum...
I need a lawyer that handles out of state cases
Dui charge but i live in va and i can't get my driver license until my case is settled
Is the case is in Virginia wouldn't make sense to hire a lawyer from Virginia. If the case is in another state wouldn't...
If someone takes pictures up my skirt while intoxicated is there anything I can do to get them brought up on charges?
It was at my wedding party and a lot of people saw him do it and I didn't find out about it until the next day.
Sure -- you call the police and tell them what happened. You cooperate as much as you can and maybe the government...