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you can read between the lins gettin my liceson reinstated going to dui school a employer see this and can figure it out i got a dui please see if you can help me so i can get back to work 8593561560 please call if you can help me thank you William sabie
You may be eligible to get your record expunged. Contact a criminal defense attorney about this to see if you meet the...
I have never been charged with any other crimes.
Depending on all of the details of what the false license purported to be, you will be facing either a misdemeanor or a...
Had eight drinks over eight hours. I am female and weigh 154. Took blood test for DUI.
Go to and run the numbers there. Should give you a good idea.
No Miranda rights
The miranda rights only help if they are used to get proof out of you that you were DUI. If you admitted to DUI before...
I received a DUI in 2013 in KY, and will be moving to OH in 2015. My license has been reinstated and I am not on probation. Will I have any legal issues moving to OH or getting a driver's license there? I know OH is an sr22 state.
As long as you are in compliance with whatever you need to do in KY and have and maintain SR22, you should ok as far as...
Dui second in Kentucky. I was supposed to complete dui program within a yr and didn't. I've assessed and done 22 classes. Haven't returned in 8 wks. Haven't had money to go duec to health issues and hospitalizations and being a recent single mom working pt no license making $150 wkly and paying all bills alone I have no money left for classes. My number one priority is to make sure i pay rent and utilities. I have no help with rides or anuthing at all. I couldn't help it. But i am gettung ready to get additional pt job to ease tte struggle but im so concerned about outcome of this situation. What am I probably facing?? Hardin county ky
You will be lucky if there is not a warrant out for violation of probation. If that is the case, you can be held...
Licence were suspended dui got a fine , court cost, and license taken for 45 days and got pulled over twice on suspended dismissed.
If there was property damage done it could be a felony. Too few details are given