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Can i move to a different county for work if im on probation
my probation officer said i cant move to a different count to find work have no car to get to work so need to move to where i can walk to work
In Indiana, you can definitely move to another county and transfer probation for work purposes. It is discretionary,...
What paper work do i file to quash a dui
Have a dui and insurance and stuff are very expensive
You can't quash it. But may be able to seal it. Meet with a local criminal defense attorney to discuss. There are...
Can I do online since I have no specified location it has to be certified in
I am a bartender as a second job. I pleaded guilty to dui as I did not have money to go to trial. My sentence was 60 days suspended license, fees, 24 hours in jail and a victim impact panel. I made this deal because on the alcohol permit renewal form it states that can't renew if you are on probation. I sent in forms showing I was not sentenced to probation. Now the state has kept my money and says I have to complete a certified alcohol course. Since I was never court ordered I don't know where to go and would prefer to do online. Since this wasn't a part of my sentence can I choose?
I would imagine yes, but you may want to agency holding your license to confirm.
Is there first a way to keep my license, not thinking so, is there a way to not file the SR-22?
I have received an OWI in the state of Indiana. My BAC was .12 and my car went off the road. There was property damage in the form of a mailbox. I went off the road because I was asleep and I have no recollection of getting in my car as I had planned to stay where I was.
Your chances for a favorable resolution will increase exponentially with representation
Will a drinking ticket leave any records after the pre trial diversion program?
I got a drinking ticket and the cop said something about it being taken off my record after a year as long as I'm careful because this is the first one. Can someone please explain to me how this works? I'm applying to medical school in a couple years and I need to know if there will be any record of something for them to find and if I need to get anything expunged. In addition- I haven't gone to my court date yet. Am I supposed to say (or not say) anything specific in order to make sure I qualify for the pre trial diversion program?
PTD agreements are equivalent to the court putting your file aside for the year period and as long as you meet your...
Will these 2 months I have been waiting, be counted towards any probation I may receive
I am 56, never had a ticket or been arrested, til 2 mos ago got a owi, I hired a lawyer, my licsense was suspended for 180 days, its been 2 months and I haven't heard from anyone
Certainly, the only attorney that can answer your question is your own. The 2 months while your case is pending does...
I get I cannot get the 5 year old DUI off of my driving record in IN, but what about the 25 yo tickets? Do I need a lawyer?
I have been seeking employment for a new job. Finally, about a month later 1 interviewer said, I'd like to proceed with the hiring process. Great! So she asked me to go to a website and pull my criminal record. Well, I'm 48 years old and I've never been in legal trouble except..5 years ago, during a nasty divorce and the loss of a sibling I made the huge mistake of drinking and driving. Needless to say..I was arrested..for a .08 bal. DUMB!! And I paid...completed all of my probationary conditions but only had my license suspended for 30 days. Now I get that that arrest is a big concern for potential employers...but when I pulled my driving record I was FLOORED!! My records are visible from 25 years ago!! I had tickets when I was young and back in the day, traffic tickets aren't like they are now. I got suspended for not paying but never felt under the threat of arrest. I eventually straightened up my license, paid my tickets, and grew up. BTW..I did NOT get the job!!
The driving record cannot be erased. They are what they are. Eventually, you will find an employer that couldn't care...