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Sleeping in the driver seat at 1pm in Laguna Beach. DUI reduced to 647(f) while in jail. Passed field sobriety, refused BAC
I am seeking legal representation to have this case dismissed. Laguna Beach police responded to a call from a neighbor that saw me sleeping in the driver seat of my vehicle at 1pm this past Monday. I was parked legally, car off. Officer knocked on my window. Insurance, registration, and license checked out. Officer asked me when my last drink was and I repeatedly stated that it was last night. I actually had drunk a small amount about 1 hour prior. I agreed to field sobriety and they proceeded with a DUI investigation. I was not drunk and I passed all but pen test according to officer. I refused breathalyzer and demanded a blood test. They were going to let me go if I could afford a cab which I could not at the time. Sergeant reduced DUI to 647(f) while in jail. No blood was taken.
You should call a local attorney. You can research them via this service as well as the state bar web site. Your...
Dui for Marijuana help
This is confusing bit I really hope one of you can answer this. I'm 16 years old. About three weeks ago I got pulled over in California for Driving under the influence of Marijuana. Igot my license taken away and since then I got it back in the mail. The court said they are still investigating the Dui and that I will know Within 30 days. I'm still waiting on that.Last nnight I got pulled over for driving with 4 friends in the car. The cop gave me a ticket for disobeying a probation license. My question is, Can the courts review the ticket I just got last night and use it to make their decision to prosecute me of my Dui. Sorry I tried to word that the best way possible. And if you can also answer what do you think will happen with each incident? The dui and the ticket? Thanks alot -sam
First of all, the court is not the entity responsible for prosecuting and hence initiating criminal proceedings. The...
Does my dad need an attorney for a DUI
My dad got a dui this past friday it was his third one and 2nd in the past ten years but ive done research and some people have gone to jail for it and especially in this area because of the group MADD supposedly they try and get people with dui's convicted the most they can and hes also trying to get his citizenship. What should i tell him that would possibly change his mind to at least even go and see an attorney for a free consultation.
Please tell your father to retain an attorney. The outcome of this case is very important to his immigration/...
What happens if a juvenile turns 18 prior to having their hearing/trial for a DUI?
blood test came back at .01 but they switched the charge to drugs after results
Nothing happens. You'll still be prosecuted in Juvenile Court because you were a minor when you got arrested. Good...
Shouldnt my dui case been dismissed?
The arresting officer was found to be lying in the DMV hearing as to why he pulled me over in the first place and so I won or wasnt given any citation for a supposed illegal turn. Shouldnt my case have been dismissed altogether?
No, the DMV and courts are different. Talk to your lawyer about filing a motion to suppress evidence alleging a bad...
Will I get charged with a DUI?
Long story short, I got pulled over because my car and I got the description of a person attempting assault. The police officer(s) said if everything was ok I would be let go. Everything was ok but they ended up digging and charged me with a DUI a and b. I went down to the station for a blood test because I refuse the breathlyzer. I just got the results back today, it was a .07. What should I do next? I have had a wet and reckless prior a few years ago, not more than ten unfortunately. I've also read that I should wait and see if the DA will make a case before I contact an attorney, is this true? If so how can I find out? Any information is greatly appreciated.
Taking the wait and see approach is dangerous. An experienced attorney, who practices here and knows all the...
I got a dui in Utah 8 yrs ago. I am on vacation in huntington and just got my second.
I don't know what I do. I did not get an attorney for my first. I blew a .10. This time I blew a .18 and I totalled my girlfriends car. No other people or cars involved and no property damage. I was taken in and processed and released. What can I reasonably expect?!?
You may reasonably expect to be prosecuted for a second DUI which comes with a lengthy license suspension and mandatory...