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Can a person be cited for crossing center line on a narrow, snow covered road where lines are not visible?
Was pulled over in Washington state for crossing center line on narrow snow covered road. Where lines werent visible. Subsequently arrested for dui, i had been sick and taken nyquil earlier, and subsequently lost a tooth so had been using ambesol too numb mouth. no excuses, i did have a few drinks earlier in the day but hours had passed, before driving. Ive learned both those medications can make a breathalyzer read a false positive. Im wondering if any of this can potentially be used too dismiss dui, plead it down too negligent driving? Ive been appointed a public defender and dont ever drink, infact i have years of signed aa attendance records from an incident that happened 20 years ago and undergo routine random ua's as a commercial driver.
Yes, you can be cited for improper lane travel even if you cannot see a center line. The statute requires you to...
What should I expect from the DOL and from probation? Will they believe that this is a false positive?
I failed a rolling retest on my ignition interlock device with a .033 BAC only two minutes after blowing a .000 to start the car initially while on the way to work. I also made sure to not eat or drink anything besides water 15 mins prior to starting the car, however I did take a shower. What should I expect from probation and the DOL?
contact your attorney and your interlock provider. If you are on probation contact you probation officer too. Good Luck
How long can they drag my dui case on
Got dui on 9-16-2014 still going to court over it 10-6-2016
I do not know that I can answer your question because it is too vague but I will try. If you have been found guilty the...
Can my license be suspended for being a passenger and receiving an MIP.
A friend and I left another friends house after a drink. On our way home we were pulled over and my friend was arrested for Dui after blowing a .020 (a minor, 20) and I got a citation reading Mip/Mic for blowing a .010 also a minor (19).
If you are 18 or older your drivers license will not be suspended for a MIP.
Can a counselor withhold my treatment records from me for being late on payment?
I was in a deferral program for a dui, and subsequently was diagnosed with a severe neuromuscular disorder and lost my job. This led me to have to move back to my father's in Spokane from Lacey, WA. When I attempted to get into a new approved treatment program here the agency I was a client of in lacey refused to send my treatment records to the new agency in Spokane. Is this legal?
A change in treatment provider usually requires prior approval and - yes - payment of all fees. The court might need...
How to get a judge to reduce dui for a minor 16 years old to reckless
My granddaughter was at a party drinking and decided she should move her brothers car from being parked across the street to infront of there house because the neighbors did not like their cars parked in from of their home. In doing so she backed into their boat (which was unsecured) and the neighbors called the poilice saying she was trying to steal the boat. She was in a mustang with no trailer hitch. The cops did not think she was trying to steal the boat but they did have her blow for dui because she did tell them she had been drinking. She blew a .09. How do I appeal to a judge to drop to reckless. She is 16 going to high school and nursing school at the same time. She needs the license to drive to catch the bus to school and for a job. This is the first and only time she has gotten in trouble.
A minor DUI is a misdemeanor and may be a better resolution than a reckless which is a gross misdemeanor. You should...
How do I find a lawyer to take payment plan on a felony drug charge I currently am working
The officer that pulled me over was harassing me as he does a lot of people in this part of the neighborhood he said I failed to use my turn signal I was turning right and he was right beside me in the left lane how could he have seen my turn signal
Use Avvo find a lawyer feature to learn of local counsel and call several until you find one that will accede to your...