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Can I get a CDL?
I got a DUI in 2012 and got a second in 2013 can I get my CDL now in 2017? I didnt have one before.
Google requirements for getting a cdl in Pa should all be there and you need to know the law by looking it up and...
What are the possible sentences i will receive for first offense DUI in PA?
I was nailed for a highest rate DUI in PA this past July. I have priors from 18 years ago, not too concerned about them. This is considered my first offense. Is it possible that i can avoid jail time? I had several free consultations and most of them said worst case senario would be 72 hours. What would be the best case senario other than the DUI getting dismissed/dropped which i know isn't a possibilty.
you will serve 72 hours in jail - that's the mandatory minimum. A judge can impose a lengthier sentence so you need...
How do I get proof that I completed everything that was required from me for a DUI that was over 12 years ago?
I had a DUI in 2005. Now my son is in prison and they said I am on probation for DUI. I told them that was over 12 years ago and I completed EVERYTHING I needed to including all fines. I need to prove I did completed everything even though it was over 12 years ago. They will not let me visit my son unit I submit proof. Thank you
Start with the court that has your file. A 12 year probation seems to be a long time for a dui
I was arrested for DUI of Marijuana last night, how will this process most likely go?
I'm a college student who was lawfully stopped and processed for DUI of marijuana as well possession of a small amount (less than 5 grams) and paraphernalia. I was very compliant and was released immediately after being processed at the station he took me to. The officer even assured me while driving me to the police station that he would put my compliancy in his report, and told me I would be fine and would qualify for ARD as I have never been in trouble with the law before. So what I want to know is what kind of legal penalties can I expect to encounter from this. I'd like to try and reduce the license suspension if possible as well as get a fine on the lower end of the spectrum, and avoid jail time all together. I'm expecting that I won't be able to avoid being put on probation. This occurred in Cumberland county.
Who told you you were lawfully stopped. Respectfully, the officers opinions are quite often wrong on that subject. I...
How likely would it be for my boyfriend to get Accelerated Rehabilative Dispistion for a first time offense DUI?
My fiancé received a DUI with a .26 BAC level. I researched it and know that this is the highest tier for Pennsylvania drivers. I'm wondering how likely it would be for him to get ARD. He had two summary offenses back in 2011. Other than that he has no prior arrests. No one was harmed nor were there any minors in the car. He will be getting a lawyer
He has a chance. Dauphin county is the main courthouse for Camp Hill. It depends on what the summaries are for.
How much jail time can I expect for my husband?
My husband received a DUI with the highest BAC and had our 3 kids in the car with him; ages 5, 8, & 11. This is his first DUI; however, not his first offense.
He will be charged with a First Degree Misdemeanor DUI which is punishable by up to 5 years in jail. IF convicted,...
How can i avoid jail time with a .28 BAC in Pa 1st offense
Was stopped by city police for my tires squeal at a stop sign. Was given a breath test and blew a .28. This is my 1st offense of DUI. What can I do now to keep from going to jail
It can be done although not easily - That's a very high BAC. Set up a free consultation with one of us. Good luck!