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How long should I wait before trying to get my license back after I surrendered it because of an upcoming dui trial?
I got arrested for a dwi/Dui and before my court date my lawyer suggested that I surrender my license because it might lessen the penalties. I had my court date, but not a lot was said about my license. It was my first time getting a dwi/, but it was a high b.a.c.
You should get your license back as soon as you are eligible. If you blew .15 or above, your license would have been...
Failed breath test on interlock; violating probation?
Sunday morning I tried to start my car & got a "failed" reading on my breathalyzer. I'm guessing it was from perfume, toothpaste, etc. as i just got ready and was rushing out of the door. I've never had this happen, so I unplugged my device. I waited maybe a minute, plugged it back in, blew and was able to start my car. I am under the MD "no alcohol" rule through my supervised probation. I notified Guardian interlock of what happened. Will the obvious retest that passed cancel out the fail? Should I call my PO and let him know what happened or wait to see the monthly calibration and let him know? I've had this device for 12 months so far with no violations. I don't want this messing with my probation. Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
The failure will result in a one month extension of the interlock. Each month where you have one or more failures...
How long do I have to wait to have DUI/DWI's expunged?
I have 3 dui's that I childishly happened to get and would like them taken away and also helped to get my license back so I can move forward with being an adult and put the past behind me.
Convictions and probation before judgment for DUI's can never be expunged in Maryland. Sorry.
Maryland dui, underage, hasn't turned in paper license, what happens after the 45 day mark?
My brother got a underage dui at the beginning of feb 2015, it is now april 2015 and he has yet to turn in his paper license or request an mva hearing. What could happen after the 45 days?
His license will automatically be suspended on day 46 and will remain suspended for 45 days to a year depending whether...
Can you still get your dental hygiene license after receiving a pbj for a dui that happened 6 years prior?
I have looked this question up and looked thru so many pages to find a law that is clear about this question. I plan to attend hygiene school and i want to make sure i will still be able to obtain my license after finishing school, to be able to sit for the board exams.
I would advise you to contact the board with this question as they would be able to give you complete and accurate...
Whats the look back period in dui in Maryland. I have 3 dui.
I have 3 dui's last one 2006
10 years is the look back for DUI in Maryland for you to be eligible for a PBJ, the State will consider all prior...
Can a Canadian Boarder Guard see my PBJ for DUI from 10 years ago?
MD DUI with weekends served.
I strongly suggest consulting with an immigration attorney before attempting a border crossing.