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Can I claim statue of limitations on a fine for a dwi
Had a DUI in 2008 did everything the state of SC wanted me to do except pay the fine can or is there a statue of limitations on the fine
Yes, you still owe the fine if that was part of the plea agreement or part of the court order.
License suspended in Fla due to Dui. Completed all required except admin review board. Had to move to sc for job promotion.
I called admin review in Fla and asked this question about going to review board here in sc to get a restricted license and was told I cannot do this. If a admin review board is available in SC and Fla why am I unable to go through any review board? Is it because Florida wants that monew and will not transfer to another state for this reason? If money is not the motive what is????
Each state is sovereign. So they do not do the work of other states, and cannot transfer stuff like that.
How did I end up with a DUI carrying empty epiepsy meds on my way to fill them non narcotic not a controlled substance when he s
Got into a fender bender when the officer asked me for my papers he seen the medicine bottles asked to look at them they had expired the day before I was on my way to fill them non narcotic not a controlled substance he read side effects which say may cause drowsiness (so does allergy meds) and got a dui he asked me for my papers and that's when he seen the empty bottles asked to see them read the side effects and arrested me for dui
I am sorry this happened to you. Your next step should be to hire a criminal defense attorney who deals with DUI/DWI....
Can I move out of state with an open DSS investigation?
Last week DSS came out because someone called and they sent me to do a drug test Thursday. This will be my 8th DSS investigation in the past few years and my 3rd DSS investigation just this past year. I have been hair and urin tested with all of them and passed negative and the cases have been closed. Now yesterday they called with the results if this drug test and said that I tested positive for meth! I've never done that drug! I told her I had never done that and she asked if I had been around anyone who had and I explained that my ex boyfriend had been using for awhile behind my back and I was unaware. But when I found out i moved me and the children out of the home which was almost a month ago. She said she had heard of cases where someone fails for exposure. O also read online that asthma medicine and robatussin can cause you to have a false positive meth test. Which i have been taking both, so im not sure if that would be a cause asvwrll or not. She said she would contact my worker with the results today and let her know and I would be contacted. I am terrified they will take my kids for a drug I didn't even use. If I have passed all others why would I just decide to start do
No way to know if you can move out of state with an 8th DSS investigation, best to call the worker or your attorney. No...
I was charged with a dui in south carolina. I blew0.0 but I fell a sleep from driving from Atl.I have a Georgia drivers licence
I was arrested at work not driving I was tired from driving all night from milton Ga. I also have a prescription from doctor of xanex that I have only been taking around three weeks prior. A concerned citizen followed me to work called police and I was given a field test they arrested me and took me to jail. I wasn't able to call from my cell phone which had all my phone numbers on it. So I stayed give days in jail two in greer and three in Spartanburg county, until family found out and bailed me out for $150.00 bail was only $1017. How cam I get free court appointed attorney. And extend my case past my current court date.
Go to court on your arraignment date (you have been ordered to, anyway). Plead not guilty. Request a public defender...
Can a State revoke my license for getting a DUI in another state?
I got a DUI in Alabama 14 years ago in 2002. I did everything Alabama asked and paid my reinstatement fee. I traveled to Michigan to help my disabled mother and while there, I got a Michigan license which is required by law even though I had planned to return to Alabama. After that I received a letter from the state of Michigan saying that they are revoking my license because I got a DUI in Alabama, and that I was supposed to jump through their hoops to get it back. This seemed strange to me and I took papers to the DMV in Alabama, and they couldn't understand it either a gave me my license because I fulfilled all the required steps. I then moved to Florida with no problems there, but I had to recently had to relocate to South Carolina, and when I went to change my license from Florida to South Carolina, they told me Michigan put my name in the national data base and in order to get it off, I have to jump through their hoops and pay them to get it removed. This seems like double jeopardy to me, is this legal?
Yes, as long as you drive in that state.
I was not arrested driving my car I was arrested standing outside my police officer saw me driving I was pointed out.
How cam they prove I was driving. I was not in my car I was at my office.a concerned a Citizen called police were I was arrested. Blew a 0.0 but they took a urine sample don't know results but I am prescribed xanex by a doctor I was just tired from driving all night what do you recommend.
If you were driving in an erratic manner, a citizen has the right to call the police and testify at trial, if indeed a...