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What is my final charge?
Four years ago I recieved a DUI and was placed on an ARD program because jt was my first offense. Since, I completed everything required and had it expunged off my record. I will be graduating college soon and plan to join the military however I was told that one DUI can be waived but when I look at my old paperwork I have 3 different DUI charges. One is general that says ARD next to it, one is a combo. Alch/drugs DUI (I had marijuana in my system) it says "nolle prossed" next to it, and another reckless driving DUI that says withdrawn. What does this mean in the eyes of the military? Is this considered 3 DUI's? Is a DUI with marijuana in my system a drug charge or still a DUI? Any help is greatly appreciated! - Thank you!
You need to speak to a Pa. attorney. Nolle prossed is dismissed. Withdrawn is likely dismissed. Call the Pa. attorney.
Post Conviction relief DUI technical mistakes were made...
I have a situation where I have 4 DUIs I'm coming up on the first 10 years passing. But I want to look into post conviction relief. I know there are time limitations but I heard there are ways around that. My question is if there were errors in the paperwork is that enough to overturn a conviction? The 2nd and 3rd offence were heard on the same day and I was convicted that day. ( I was being held on a warrant) The judge had a public defender called in while I waited because he wanted the situation over and done with that day. There was no review of discovery or anything of that nature. Finally, there are mistakes in the sentencing. The sentence for the second offense was assessed for the third offense and vice verse paperwork wise. Does that mean anything? Do I have a leg to stand on?
I'm not clear on what your situation is--is your 4th DWI pending or do you already have 4 and have almost completed...
How can I get an ignition interlock removed?
My daughter was convicted of driving under the influence. After 9 months, she was able to get her license back as long as she installed an interlock device on her car. "Her car" is in my name. I agreed to have one installed and to pay for it temporarily as long as she promised to use the car to make an effort to find a job so that she could start paying for the interlock herself. She broke her promise. She made it very clear to me last night that she has no intention of finding work. I don't want to pay for her to have driving privileges if she's not holding up her end of the bargain. How can I go about getting the interlock uninstalled without getting in trouble for tampering with it? Do I need an attorney?
An attorney could help you deal with the ramifications of removing the device. You would need to speak to someone at...
I live in nj I was mandated to have a interlocked device in my for 1 year. Is there a way I can get this overturned by the court
I need help I had three devices sent to me within a month because it was defected. I need to know how I can get away from this company without being penalized, and I have asthma its so hard to blow in that device. I don't drink and the machine keep failing me. then 5 minutes later it passes me. but the company charges every time the machine gives a test fail response. what can I do this machine is set up for people to fail, for no reason at all. this was my 1st offense and will never happen again. but I cant continue with this machine or the company
This is a new issue to my knowledge. This was ordered by the court. So a motion for relief could be filed with that...
In my life time of driving I had 5 duis 1st in 1979 ,2nd and 3rd 16 years later 1995, 4th and 5th 15 years later in 2010
did a year in jall I lost my licence for 10 years to 2020 I havent drank since 2010 not a drop can I try to get my driver lic. back any time sooner
Should a person refuse to take a dui breathlozer test when pilled over in new jersey?
i am little confused some people say that the breathalizer ane not accurate. so i you get pulled over at night and cop assume that you were drinking he may ask you to take the soberting test and lawyer advice to say no then if cop ask you to take a breathalize test using his handset? should you refuse and wait until cop takes you to headquartes? i am not clear i saw on tv if you use listering you can fail the test. what is the correct procedure? ask for a blood test directly to the cop? i drive at night a lot n tons of cops are in the road i am afraid to get stop and have an incorrect test n being arrested by mistake. scary to know that those machines give false reading
A few things: 1) Are any of the people you talked to lawyers? If so, do they practice DWI defense? You should only,...
Some friends and I ask a drunk girl to flash her chest. Will I go to jail for sexual harassment?
The girl then threw her credit card on us and told us to buy something nice. We bought food worth 70 dollars. Her parents are now taking us to court. Are we going to jail?
much more information is needed to answer this question. Are you going to criminal or civil court? if the former, what...