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Can a lawyer representing someone in a DUI be involved in removing them from their house via family law?
A friend of mine went to see a DUI attorney regarding a DUI they got and the attorney started talking about family law and having my friend removed when his father was complaining about his lifestyle even though he told the court during their arraignment this particular lawyer will represent him in the DUI case. He told me they asked him to leave the room at one point. I have suggested that my friend get his life together and go to AA but would this be conflict of interest?
If he's got a question let him ask it. You don't know what really happened in that room if you were not there. No, a...
My question has several layers involving probation for a DUI and Driver license suspension.
I'm currently on a three year probation with two year driver license suspension. My PO says she will request/ apply to get me off early but can only do so in October of this year. As regards the license suspension while I'm aware I can request early reinstatement I'm not keen on getting a drivers license for reasons I explain below. The other mitigating factor is that I am not an American citizen so immigration consequences come into play, especially since my wife withdrew the AOS application after our last interview in June of this year. My predicament is this, whether or not there is legal leeway that would allow me to appeal my immigration application to secure my legal status I'm weary of the process. Moreover its a costly endeavor seeing as its a legal process that will also involve other fees. My decision is to leave the country and start afresh in another country. Problem is I have already secured my visa to another country and would like to leave Oct. 18. Is there a way to speed up the early release from both the license suspension and probation as I would like to keep my October departure date and be able to do knowing any loose ends in the US are tied up?
You are not asking a complete question, because deportation depends on actual acts, and a DUI does not get you...
Can a Judge stop to have my ex's boyfriend drive my sons around due to his prior DUIs?
My ex is dating a guy. I just find out that this guy had some DUI in the past (driving drunk). He goes to my ex's house a lot they drink and then they go out with the kids. I am worried about this and I am not sure what kind of motion I can file and also what kind of evidence I can bring. I really do not feel comfortable about this situation.
This is certainly a serious enough issue that some action needs to be taken. Have you tried speaking with your ex and...
Will a NYC company using a background checking software like checkr, see a pending NJ DWI?
I have a pending NJ DWI that has been ongoing for 7 months now, and I just took a full time offer position in NYC. Now it's time for the background check. I've done some research and I've come up with the following: NJ DWIs are not criminal charges and thus not on a criminal background check. It will not show up on a Motor Vehicle Abstract until I'm convicted (if i'm convicted). Well how do pending NJ ones work then with these modern background checking software, like checkr?
Your research is correct. In NJ it is not criminal and will never be on your CCH. It is not on your abstract unless and...
Trying to find out criminal records, DUI records, etc from an individual that is around my son is harrassment?
I have joint custody over my small child. Lately her mom has decided to bring a guy to be around during her parenting time. Sadly, her mom has made poor decisions in the past and I can not rely 100% on her Judgement when comes to see what is the best for our child. I have a mutual friend from this guy and the feedback is not positive at all. I was told that he drinks a lot, go to bars and drive, etc. My concern is this guy drive my child in his truck and I have already proof that he drinks in the front of my child. Not cool at all. I confronted her mom but she told me go to hell, saying she is allow to have some drinks with friends and to leave her alone. i want to run a criminal background check on this guy, see who he is, drugs? DUI? SEX OFFENDER?? etc. Both of them when already to the police to get a TRO but the cop denied. The fact that I ask them what is going on during her parenting time is consider harassment. I am worry about my kid but without solid evidence I can not really do much, but I can not be sitting with my arms closed. Any suggestion??
There are websites where you can pay to do public records searches. If you are really worried, you can hire a private...
Can I qualify for DACA with 2 DUIs?
In NJ is consider a traffic offense, not a felony or a misdemeanor. One DUI happened on 2009 and the other one in 2012. I do not have any criminal record, besides that i meet the other requirements. I understand that is a discretionary decision upon who is reviewing the application in USCIS. I have read online that in some cases some applications with DUIs have been approved. What would happen if I still apply and the application gets denied. Would there be any actions taken towards me in the future?
You cannot qualify for DACA if you have two DWIs and if you apply you might eventually be detained by ICE. If you get...
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