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Hit by a drunk driver, car totaled, now what?
Two days ago, I was at a red light and was hit by a drunk driver, going at least 50 MPH. I was lucky I survived, and even luckier that I walked away. Right after the crash, he jumped up and ran on foot, away from the scene. They caught him, and is charging him, but I am afraid about the future. I have never dealt with this before, and while I have a rental car, I am afraid that since my car was totaled, that I will not get enough money to buy a new or even a used car. I am very sore, and have mid-level injuries, but nothing broken, thankfully. People have told me to get a lawyer, but I am scared at the thought, and worried that it may be either too late or too early. What should I do?
The remedy for the car is fair market value, not more money to pay off your loan. However, as you were injured, your...
Can I get a DUI if I was standing outside of my car in a parking lot
I was at a drive-thru at McDonald's and I fell asleep in the drive thru the manager thought I was sick so called nine-one-one she came outside woke me up so I pulled the car into the parking lot and parked it shut it off put the keys in my pocket and I stood outside the car and talk to the manager explaining I was ok the police came asked me to do some tests in the field I said no they took me in to the police station and later on gave me a blood test
If the manager is willing to testify that you were in the driver's seat and had the keys in your possession, or if...
Can exxon take awsy my pension if i'm convicted of dui
i'm getting ready to retire and was recently charged with dui. i live in delaware and work in new jersey.
Speak to a labor law attorney, not a dui defense lawyer.
Why now? What options do I have in order to get my license?
DUI in Florida 11/01, Delaware resident at the time and currently. Trial was in absentia. Completed all requirements of probation, including substance abuse DUI specific, MADD session completed and community service. Obtained new license 2006, renewed license 2011, went to renew my license today and it was communicated that I could not get a regular license due to the concern in Florida. Called Florida DMV, they stated that I need a DUI certificate to clear this up.
Contact a local Florida DUI lawyer for help with this issue. They will be able to help you obtain all the necessary...
First time dui, blew .113. Need a license to get back and fourth to work. Is this possible in DE?
Never been in trouble with the law. Work for the state.
If you get offered the first offenders' program and opt for the ignition interlock device, you could actually not miss...
I'm involved in a criminal case , l asked my lawyer for a copy of my file and he refused to give it to me why would he do that
it's a dui case involving legally prescribed medication, had a minor accident due to inattentiveness and hit my head on the steering wheel causing some confusion, was never asked if l ingested the medication, was not arrested, had no idea that they were accusing me of a crime
Have you asked your attorney? Because you are represented, it's not appropriate for a lawyer here to comment on what...
I accepted a plea for the DUI FOP/FOE program in April. I have the IID now and have a big concern.
I have not had one drop of alcohol since the date of my initial arrest. I took all of my classes prior to going to court. I have paid all fines etc. Yesterday morning I went out to the car to go to work and I blew into the IID and it failed. I thought it was a mistake and tried twice more before it locked me out. My father took me to work. I realized that I had gargled and rinsed with listerine. This morning I took the care to the place that installed the unit and had the unit serviced as the unit was blinking. The guy conformed listerine can cause a false positive. I have no idea what possible consequences I face and I'm scared as there is no way to prove my innocence. Can you please help me understand what may happen?
I am not licensed in Delaware, so out of respected to any experienced attorney licensed in Delaware who answers this...