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My CDL was revoked after I got a couple of DUI's. I paid my fines,did my community service & served home detention,but never went to the DUI classes. I've continued to drive daily without a moving violation for nineteen years,but the folks at the DMV Office insist that no matter how long ago this occurred I still must attend & complete the DUI program. My understanding is that this is now an eighteen month program which is significantly longer than in 1995 & I'd like a hearing to clarify this matter. I'm now older (60) & much wiser than twenty years ago & want to once again become a responsible licensed driver instead of looking over my shoulder constantly. I'm more than willing to do whatever is required to get my license back,but no one at the DMV Office can answer my questions - HELP !!
Given that you CDL is suspended due to multiple DUI's you are required to complete an alcohol program. DMV will not...
And what if bac is allredy low
Regardless of how it comes back, the one DA will try to use is the first. If it comes back at a different number, you...
Within one hour to an hour and 15 mins of me walkin In bar and ordering drink I was at jail giveing blood test bac came back month later .06 DMV did not suspend . Cop never said why he pulled me over I told him I had one drink he gave me fst,s but I refused PAS could my bac have still been on the rise when pulled over and actually been lower when driveing fst,s were rushed no nsg performed I was like he just wanted to hurry up and get to pas No charges filed yet lawer has still not received any reports 2 months alredy .....
If your BAC was at .06 with the chemical test, your likely Ok. DA would have to go through too much and try too hard to...
What is a stay of suspension from DMV does that mean their not gona suspend at all o are they just waiting for the outcome of the case in court of a dui or lesser charge ???
A stay of suspension means that DMV is awaiting something before imposing the suspension. I could not guarantee you...
My neighbor is constantly intoxicated & violent (has beaten several women.) I overheard this person saying that they were drunk, had a court order not to drink & would go to prison if they were pulled over by a police officer. Then they got into their car and sped off. I only know this person's first name. I would like to alert their probation officer (if they have one) or the court, but is it possible to do so without a last name? Or is there a way to find out the last name via the court? I have tried various reverse address searches, with no luck. The landlord does not care whether his tenants are subjected to a violent drunk, and the police department will come out when called, but apparently can not do much more than scold him for disturbing the peace. Please help!
Call the police, make an accurate report.
That was very bad from my part but i dont want to go back to my country because extremely violence
Generally speaking, misdemeanor DUI is not a deportable offense. However, alcoholism is considered to be a mental...
County) who orders the installation...the Court or is it the DMV? Assume no extenuating circumstances, etc. Thanks. Oh, and what is the general length? 5 mos? Longer?
DMV orders the installation. The length of time it has to be on the vehicle is 5 months.