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Conditional license from DMV?
I was recently convicted of DWAI in New York. I also attended a hearing at the DMV because I refused to take the breathalyzer when I was arrested. After the hearing, the DMV took my license away for a year based on my refusal. Can I get a conditional license? The woman judge hearing the case was really mean.
You can apply for the conditional license in light of the plea.
Is it possible I can get it dropped down to a dwi or dui from a fist offense aggravated dwi
I am facing a aggravated dwi with a bac of .19 this is my first offense ever. and I crashed my car and got mercy flighted nobody else was involved just me.
Yes it is possible but a Dwi and aggravated dwi are both in the same class. They are both unclassified misdemeanors....
If i get a dui in New York and im from ontario and a dual citizen what happens to my ON license
Hello. I was visiting NY from Canada and he was pulled over. They gave me a ticket for refusing to take breathlyzer and I was arrested. I got a ticket for refusing the breathlyzer even though I attempted two times but failed the test due to not being able blow hard enough due to lung cancer. I only had one glass of wine the night i was arrested. Given that I am a canadian citizen as well as american citizen how does it affect me here in regards to my drivers license. Also if I go to court and pleads not guilty what is the most severe punishment I could receive as this is my first offence. On a different note is it legal for me to record police if they pull me over and ask me to get out of the car so I could have video evidence?
This is complex and you should absolutely consult an attorney immediately. The police made a mistake in claiming you...
I was a passenger in my car and the driver was stopped for a DWI. Did the cops have the right to search my car?
I was the passenger, the driver was stopped, the cop did not say why when he approached the car. The driver was give a field sobriety test and subsequently arrested. Did they cop have a right to search my car without speaking to me at all? I was not told or asked a thing.
It may have been a bad search but the police might have been able to seize the car for forfeiture proceedings and...
Can you get a "vehicular homoside charge expunged in nj?
My friend was dui, and was thrown out of the car with his friend. They didn't have seat belts and the friend died. Can you later get this expunged from your record? What do the steps look like?
Expungment is available in the state of New Jersey, you're best bet is to consult with an NJ attorney and discuss this...
Can a confession that is given while drunk/intoxicated be used in court?
Can a confession that is given while drunk/intoxicated be used in court?
The short answer is yes. A defense attorney can also ask the person testifying about the condition of the confessor.
Does pre-conviction suspension in a DWAI ruling count towards the mandatory 90 day suspension?
I was arrested for drunk driving back in June in Suffolk County, NY. Long story short, I was ruled with a DWAI as long as i completed 50 hours community service and I'm assuming I must complete the DDP. I finished the service early and I'm waiting to go back to find out the rest. I received my conditional license and I can only do the essentials with that, but I hear I get my license back for 20 days on my next appearance. I was just wondering if the time passed counts towards that 90 day mandatory suspension or if it doesn't start until after I'm convicted, which technically has not happened yet?
No the time that you have been suspended for the suspension pending prosecution does not count toward the mandatory 90...