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Shouldnt i get an immediate dismissal if officers falsify(LIE) the paperwork??
Long story short..I was pulled over and arrested for no reason. Was told to take a breath test at the station. The paperwork i have claims i was driving a white truck( truck is pitch black), blew over the limit(LIE) and refused the test(LIE) at the same exact time(5:00am) but another piece of paperwork says my observation began at 5:20am and the test was at 5:46am which means they wrote out those tickets almost a hour before i was even tested!...Shouldnt this be dismissed??
No. You may have a basis for cross examination but inconsistencies in the paperwork is not a basis for a Judge to...
Can i beat a dwi case if i wasnt pulled over and arrested legally
Can a officer pull someone over, arrest them without telling them why, and read their miranda rights then tell them in the station if they blow in the breath machine and nothing comes back then theyll let them go then tell them they blew double the limit without showing them?..Is all of that legal????
You need to get an attorney that specializes in DWIs if you want any sort of help in defending yourself. The...
I was pulled over for no reason, gave officer my license & while looking for my registration i was told to get out my car. I was then told to walk a line by a 2nd officer which i did with no problem. 2nd officer then says put my leg up and count to which i ask "can you show me how high because i want to get it right?" 1st officer whos about 10ft behind 2nd officer then says "Im tired of this, youre being combative..come here and put your hands behind your back" which i do without problem while sayin "i didnt do anything!". While in the station im told "Blow in this machine and if nothing comes back we'll let you go home. I blow and they put me back in the cell with cuffs on the whole time without showing me anything. When i bail out i have tix for Blowing over the limit(lie), refusal to blow(lie), tinted windshield(lie), no seatbelt(lie), and failure to notify someone about a address change(??) That was 3 wks ago and i never got a notice from the court or dmv for a dmv hearing..and i checked my status on the dmv site and it says "You can drive"
At your first appearance in court, which is your arraignment, the court will serve you with a notice to appear at a...
Can i beat a dwi case if the officers say i blew over the limit but also say i refused a breath test at the same exact time??
I was given tickets after a bogus arrest saying i blew over the limit and that i refused at the same exact time!
You should speak with a seasoned DWI attorney. I often use Mike Palumbo. You can find a Good attorney in the referral...
If an officer fails to issue you a DUI after admitting to being high while driving do i have a claim against him.
I was pulled over for alleged speeding and was smoking while driving. I admitted to the officer that I was under the influence but was unaware of my speeding. He only issued me a speeding ticket and told me how lucky i was that he was nice. I feel that cops in each state must follow that state's standards because the law shouldn't be based off the luck of which officer i am dealing with. If i plea not guilty to my speeding ticket and this officer shows up in court do i have any legal basis to create a counter claim against a cop who doesn't have the best interest of the law at heart.
Seriously? You want to punish a cop for giving you a break? Would you be happier to sit in jail? NO YOU HAVE...
My son got a NJSA 2c:33-15 ticket while at a concert @ PNC Bank Center. We live in NY. He has a court date in Holmdel NJ.
we were told that if he pleads guilty the fine would be $1000 and the charge would be changed to a disorderly conduct offense and it would go on his record. what should be done? and at what expense?
Much of it depends on the facts of the case. However, you should retain counsel to review your case. Many times,...
I was charged with a dwai with a BAC of .05 should i plea not guilty?
i was arrested for suspicion of DWI the officer gave me the sobriety test and he said i had failed and that is why i had to be arrested when i was taken in they have me a second Breathalyzer test and he said i had a BAC of .05 which is not considered at DWI but a DWAI, I want to plea no guilty because i belief that the sobriety test that i was given was unfair because it was 30 degrees outside and i wearing a shirt dress and did it without shoes so i was freezing and shacking. do you belief i have a case? should i plea not guilty? what happend if i plea not guilty and the convict me anyways?
You should always enter a plea of not guilty at the time of arraignment. Unless they offer you and your attorney an...