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  • Police log: More suspicious packages

    Jun 16, 2017 | via Evening Sun 

    Police log: More suspicious packages Also in today's police log, neighbors fighting over trees and weeds. Check out this story on 7:55 a.m. Suspicious vehicle reported to be parked and occupied in the 200 block of East Chestnut Street was located and checked out OK.


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New Oxford Law

If the breathalizor test and field sobriety tests get suppressed will it help me get a dui charge reduced or dismissed
The officer gave me two field sobriety tests. The one legged stand which he made me hold my foot 6 inches off the ground and count backwards from 30 to 20. I was never given clear instructions or showed how to do it. Plus I wasn't observed for 15 mins before I was given the breathalizor
If the evidence is suppressed, your case may be dismissed. However, there are other factors that could convict you,...
Can I have my license suspended and do jail time on a DUI tier 3 first time offense for a suicide attempt?
I overdosed on sleeping pills and don't remember leaving my home. I woke 4 days later. I had evidently left my home and they found me behind the wheel one town over. I have been diagnosed with recurrent major depression and anxiety disorder. Can I use mental health as a defense? Ive been in therapy and healthy since the incident.
During my time in York County I actually had a similar case. The simple answer is yes, you can be charged and...
Dui related
If i were already charged and have to serve balance, 6 months. Is there a way i can appeal and things can turn on my favor? Or is there a way i would get good time or reduction on my sentence?
I think, based on your question, you are facing a parole violation following a DUI Conviction. The answer is No....
How will getting a dui in Pennsylvania affect a NY driver?
Got a dui in Pennsylvania but I'm from New York. Will it be a misdemeanor? How will It affect my license? Will my license be revoked in NY? This is my first offense, but bac level was over 2.
First and foremost, it is important to deal with the DUI. There are a number of potential defenses to DUI. As an...
Second time offender DUI related
I was on ARD and a day or two before getting my licence back, crashed and walked away from scene, haven't got charged yet, will at the end of the week. Just got caught driving under suspended license for 2nd time, would i be eligible for house arrest, they wanna give me serve balance. I do not wanna go to jail!!!
Consult local criminal defense counsel to minimize the likelihood of jail time.
How much time could I get for a DUI it will be my sixth one over the years
I was on probation and wrecked my car I hit a mailbox a Nd got a DUI I had 2 months to go on probation this will be my 6th DUI over the years my last one was 2011 but sentenced 2012 in Adams county pa
The answer depends on a few factors. The first relates to your BAC. The second relates to the number of prior...
In Pennsylvania, does incarceration time count against the total suspended license time?
Friend of mine served four months in jail while serving a 12 month suspension pf license. At the end of the 12 months he was told he still had 4 months left because the 4 months of incarceration did not count towards the 12 months suspension. Thank you.
Nope. The suspension credit begins upon release from jail.