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Will I be drug tested at my probation officer meeting (convicted of DWI)?
Two years ago I was arrested for a DWI charge. I was recently sentenced to wear the SCRAM ankle bracelet for 90 days. In a few weeks I will start paying towards my fine and will also be checking in with my probation officer. Should I expect to be drug tested at this meeting?
Yes two or 3 times. If your levels decrease, they will stop.
If I am filming in Louisiana and there are cars around, do I have to blur out all of the license plates if I use that footage?
I am filming in a parking area while speaking to some people. Do I have to blur the license plates that might be visible before I air it?
If you are a filmmaker, you should retain an attorney to answer business questions like this about the law. This is not...
What to do next?
I was involved in a auto accident in September 2016 while driving a company vehicle, the vehicle I was in flipped and overturn. I gave my statement on what happened between myself, 18 wheeler & another driver. The police officer cited me for improper lane change. I have been to court the court wants a restitution of property letter also I filed a continuance for another court date the police nor other party was present so I could have gotten it dismissed possibly if my legal rep was present also my license is in jeopardy of being put on hold. I was transported to a local hospital & found out days later I have some moderate to significant injures. Its Feb 2017 I have been reaching out to my employer corporate office to help get the information I need ,at this point and time I have yet to receive a call back. My license will be suspended in a couple of days because my employer hasn't responded & I am in fear that they are trying to foot the bill of damages on me. What should I do?
You need to hire an attorney or post this question under a different area of law. It's not DUI related.
If I paid for someone to fly to me and they got caught with drugs in their luggage, can I be held liable in any way ?
I paid for an airline ticket for a person to fly from Nashville TN to New Orleans LA where I live. Said person got caught with drugs in their luggage at the Nashville airport. I knew nothing of the drugs. Can I be held liable in any way ? Am I in danger of losing my personal belongings , such as my house and/or vehicle , because I paid for their airfare? Can I be accused of any charges simply because I was affiliated with them because I paid for the airfare ?
Perhaps. You may be cast in the role as a principal to the other passenger's possession, esp since you paid for his...
What should I expect the penalties are from my 1st DWI in Louisiana
I was pulled over and I blew a .093 on the breathalyzer. This is my first DWI and I go to court next week, I'm really very nervous about what to expect. I was thinking I should pled guilty with a public defender and take the classes, community service, and if it means getting my license back, the interlocking device.
Fines, classes, probation. Consult with a local DUI lawyer. YOur BAC was really low, you may be able to get the case...
I have a felony warrant out of Michigan. It is for a DUI with no property damage and no personal injury.
It is my first Dui In MI. but have had 3 in in Indiana 2 Felonies from this in Indiana over the past 15 years.
What is the question you need answered about this? A felony warrant can only be dealt with head on, as if you do...
Charged with 1st dui, but its actually my 4th, can they change the charge
got a ticket for a 1st dui but its actually 4th, will they up my charge when I go to court?
It's certainly possibile. If the prosecutor learns that you have 3 priors, it's unlikely that he or she would not amend...