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Does DYFS get notified when there is a DUI? No kids were in the car.
I have an open DYFS case and got a DWI. I want to know if they will be notified. The case is supposed to close out before the Court date. Thanks.
The Division will likely learn of the DWI. The Division also consistently check criminal databases to see if a parent...
Is a dui grounds for deportation?
I was taken in for a dui last weekend. My blood alcohol level was double the limit in NJ. I was booked and let go within a couple hours and given the court date i already made my first appearance And was given my second court date for next week. I’m currently not a citizen of the US, is this dui grounds for deportation? From my understanding this is considered a traffic violation so would ICE get involved? Under the new administration in the White House I’m not sure how things will go. I understand i should consult with an immigration lawyer but right now I don’t have enough money for the consultation fee. I’m hoping i can get some help on this website. Thank you in advance..
If you don't have enough money, you probably have the right to have a criminal defense attorney represent you at no...
I'm on the verge of a DUI conviction in GA. Not for my BAC but what GA calls a "unsafe DUI" Is it still a DUI in NJ?
I was arrested and charged about 5 months ago in GA for DUI. In GA there are two separate charges they file against you. One for a blood alcohol level over .08 and under .10, and one for being a unsafe driver. My lawyer has already explained to me that the unsafe DUI charge is a misdemeanor and is a better charge than a BAC DUI misdemeanor. (In GA first time offenders only get charged a misdemeanor if convicted regardless of which charge.) What she was unsure of is how my NJ driver license would be affected.
Your not going to get the answer you need on a free website as the attorney would need to know much more about the...
Do I need to declare/reveal an implied consent violation that happened 3 years ago for car insurance?
I was arrested 3 years ago for a DUI/DWI, I refused the breathalyzer and my license was suspended for 6 months. The officer decided to knock down the charge to a reckless driving and 6 points, and I took an alcohol safety course as well. I am relocating from SC to NJ and am going to be getting my own car insurance (getting off of my parents). Today I looked at my 10 year driving record, and all I see on there is the suspension for implied consent and an implied consent violation, and the course that I took, but nothing else. Nothing about reckless driving and also I have no points...and the arrest came in January of 2015, and the reckless driving charge was agreed in June. The insurance that I currently have with my parents has never gone up with all of this and obviously there is nothing on my record except for the implied consent. Of course I dont want to lie when I get insurance quotes and am shopping around but I do want the best insurance sure they will go in and check my record but still... do I have to declare this up front? and if they ask must I say it was alcohol related? Like I said I have no other violations in three years.
Your insurance rate is not based on what you tell them, its based on what your record says.
Will a NJ DUI/DWI arrest show up in a criminal history background check for nursing school?
It states in my process for admission application that " any infractions resulting in an arrest that appears on your criminal history background check will result in your being deemed ineligible". I know DUI/DWI are considered major traffic violation instead of a felony or misdemeanor I NJ. But it was still an arrest so I don't know if it would show up on a criminal background check done by a nursing school program.
A background check done by a service may or may not show it. But if you are asked about your history and don't disclose...
Can I pay the fines and get my license re-instated with jail time?
Early 2005, I got stopped at a DWI Checkpoint and had trouble standing had trouble standing because of a back injury the week earlier (This was the first day I was back able to drive). Two cops talked to me and had agreed to let me go, but a third wanted his numbers and took me in. I got a panic attack and refused to blow. I had trouble hearing the cop as my ears were ringing and had trouble reading anything he gave me without my glasses. DMV took it as my third offense. Since it's been over the 10 year DL suspension, can I pay they fines and get my DL back without any jail time?
If you didn't serve the jail time allocated in the sentence you will not be able to get your license back until you do.
How does a DUI affect immigration status?
I am a permanent resident here for more than 10 years and was pulled over for a DUI a month ago. This will be my second offense. My first offense was 2 years ago and resulted in a 7 months suspension and about $750 in fines and a $3000 insurance surcharge. I have been advised of the fines and suspension a second offense carries but was told to seek advice regarding my immigration status. Both charges are non aggravated and did not result in any damage or injury. Both offenses were discovered due to traffic violations (speeding). Is it possible that I can get deported should I be convicted of a second offense?
Seek advice, does not mean ask a message board. It means consult with a lawyer in their office where you have the...