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  • New Milford woman arrested in overdose case

    Oct 16, 2015 | via Norwalk Citizen News 

    A 24-year-old New Milford woman is being held on $300,000 court set bond for her involvement in a heroin overdose in September, police said. Jessica Tamburri , of Sterling Drive, New Milford was arrested Wednesday on a warrant charged with sale of narcotic substance and accessory criminal liability for acts of another.


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Trying to get A-44 Officer’s OUI Arrest and Alcohol Test Refusal or Failure Report.
Police, court clerk's office, prosecutor's office won't give it. He went to first hearing. How come nobody will give it to him? The only paperwork he received is the Notice of Rights - Bail, JD-CR-5. He was charged with 14-242, 14-227a, 53a-167. I'm sure you can see we want to it for his defense. We don't know how much trouble he is in. Someone said he can't get it until after trial and/or decision is finalized. I thought it was a person's right to obtain records in an arrest at any time. Cannot afford a lawyer right now. Please advise. Thank you.
It varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. If the arrest took place in New Milford his matter will be heard in Bantam,...
I am double first offender in CT for Du I's , within 6 months , Do I tell insurance 1 or 2 offenses ?
I had a really bad depression for a short period of time and since gotten help and been sober for over a year but trying to pick up the damage I left in that time frame . I don't want to get dropped for lying but I was charged with a double first offender because of my circumstances that lead to this . But its nearly impossible to get insurance with 2 offenses .
Your insurance company is going to find out the truth regardless of what you tell them.
Do I need a lawyer for a first time offense of DUI?
My friend was pulled over for speeding 78mph in a 45 mph. She was arrested for dui also because her BAC was 0.9.
It sounds like your friend needs a lawyer. I don't know why you would need one. If any answer on AVVO helps...
Does connecticut allow iid for motorcycles?
i need an iid for my motorcycle
I am not licensed in Connecticut, but in California, the answer is no. I doubt quite a bit whether this is a function...
Who understands how to read and understand the results from alcotest 9510 done by Torrington Police (breathalyzer) ?
test 1 subject IR 0.0155, EC OK test 2 subject IR 0.0109, EC OK Is this over the limit of .08 or 8% BAC, to the best of my knowledge IR stands for infrared test and EC stands for electrochemical test
Both tests are under the legal limit of .08
I was pulled over on sep 13 2013. Case drop nov 2014 no probable cause. Not able to drive bill piling up can I sue the cops?????
Dmv took my license for 3 yrs. the case was drop with all charges. I just want to no if I can sue the cops. I lost my business, still have lawyer bills I'm losing $$$$$ everyday because this cop pulled me over and didn't have problble cause and nothing happen to him he goes about his daily life with no repercussion. Do I have a case against them or not?? Thanks Eddie
have you ever discussed this with the lawyer who represented you , who seems to have done a fine job? If DMV suspended...
2nd DUI 2014 (1st 2006, convicted 2007, out of state, participated in an alcohol program). He was offered...
2 yrs executed suspension after 4 mos jail followed by 3 yrs probation, alcohol treatment program, fees, maybe 100 hrs community service (? mandatory). Lawyer says because sentence is more than 1 yr it's a felony. He refused breathalyzer. He doesn't know why he can't have a copy of tape. 1) Is it possible he will spend less time in jail? Would it be local? 2) Can you tell us how the "rules" are computed from 1st to 2nd offender (arrest date vs convicted date), we are confused. 3) How does he get a record of his convictions? Thank you
Too many variables to provide an intelligent answer. Feel free to contact our office tomorrow for a free consultation