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Is there away to get my Driving privileges back ,while waiting to finish my counseling,DUI classes,so I don't lose my job?
I was working in New Martinsville WV, 9years ago,when I got a DUI,I was sent to another job soon after,I never heard another word from WV about it,I went to renew my liscence,WV has a hold on it,having trouble getting ahold of Wv DMV ,Took an assessment,and am on the list for DUI classes next month,but I need my Drivers Liscence soon,as I cant work with out it.I have been sober for 7 years. I am a Utah resident,but this happened in West Virginia
You need to contact a DUI attorney in your area to discuss your options. Avvo has a wonderful "find a lawyer" tool you...
How much jail time do you get if you dont pay your dui fines in wv
My fines for my DUI are due April 27th 2010 and I dont have the full amount and they will not take partial or give me an extension. I need to know how much jail time will resolve the fines if any. what happens if i dont pay by the due date.
Generally, jail time does not resolve your fines, so don't look for that to be a way out of paying. Failure to pay...
Lost my license in 1996 due to a DUI manslaughter. Wanting to know how I can get it back.
Lost my License indefinitely due to DUI manslaughter. This all happened in Florida in January 1996. I have been out of prison after a little more than 9 years served. I contacted Florida DMV but was given no real answer how to get it back. I was told I was eligible to get it back. I just don't know what to do. I now live in West Virginia. Have been working since my release, even a dispatcher for the police department. Have been in no trouble since either. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
You likely need the flordia hold taken off. Contact Flordia DMV and tell them you got a DUI years ago and now you've...
Can a DOR/DUI 3rd-1 and a DOR/DUI 3rd be dismissed cause it was suppose to be fourth not third
my boyfriend wrecked his blazer he hit a fence and a telephone pole he was arrested and charged with DOR/DUI 3rd-1 and DOR/DUI 3rd. well it was suppose to been his fourth DOR/DUI. they never did any test to see if he was drunk or not. well they took him to jail and he seen the judge over the tv and they was suppose to have his paper work there for him to sign in front of the judge but he didn't get no paperwork and he didn't sign anything. I was wanting to know if he can maybe have his charges dismissed cause of the wrong charge and he didn't sign nothing. can you please let me know cause he was out on parole and they revoked it and now i I cant get him out on bond. thanks
It's a 3rd or "subsequent" offense. Meaning, if you have more priors than 2, in this case 3, then a new arrest becomes...
When trying to transfer valid Va. Drivers lic. To wv dl, can wv punish Va operator via interlock for a dui in 2011.
I had a Wv dl living in Va for a few month got a 2 dui within a few days. I was sencenced an spent 30 days in jail an 2 yrs without dl. Moved back to Wv 2 yrs later after getting a valid Va drivers lic. An wv tells me i have to get a interlock for 2 yrs before I can get a valid lic. here
Yes, WV can and unfortunately will. You held a WV driver's license at the time of your two dui arrests and subsequent...
How can someone who was given a dui without any charges or convictions over 2 years ago get their license back in WV?
I was not in the drivers seat, I was found a mile from my car thrown out while another person was in the drivers seat of my car, Yet I was the one who was supposedly charged with a dui but they threw it out of court and never fully charged anyone in it. Although a cop wrote to the dmv in Charleston WV saying I drove drunk, and they took my license from me in November of 2015. How can I get them back and what would I have to do....? I really need answers
In West Virginia, as absurd (and tax payer $4+ million) as it is, the criminal court proceedings and dmv Administrative...
Can I get a DUI if I said I drove but wasn't caught anywhere around my car or keys?
so I go to college and got caught intoxicated on the premises. I was afraid to say I drank at the school because I thought I would get suspended for having it on the property, so I said I drank at home and drove to the school. so the officer charged me with a DUI. but I couldn't even find my keys, they were in lost and found the next morning, I was no where near my car when this happened. So in court if I explain and tell the truth whats it looking like for me?
In West Virginia, the law is that law enforcement does not need to physically see you driving if the facts and...