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I am to appear on 2/27 for a dui .16. Can I push this out ? til may. My son (10yr) and I going to be in Florida 3/9/ til 4/27 .
I am worried they will put me on probation this is my 1st time every to be in trouble at age 58. I have a little boy We have adopted 8 yrs ago, We go every year to be with my sister for 2 months. I am worried they will put me on probation and have some type of testing I have to to . Which will make me have to stay in Minnesota.
You might be able to push it out, but they may not do it for a vacation. Hire an attorney and they might be able to...
Can i obtain a permit before my 180 days for no license is over
lost my drivers license to dwi charge i am now 18 i was 17 when i got my time set end in june can i get a permit before june or do i have to wait?
Not sure I understand your question but I think but beleive ytou will have to wait for 180 to expire. You may be...
How will a DWI affect my chances of becoming a teacher in Minnesota?
I was recently arrested for a DWI (I have not yet had my court date). Luckily I did not blow over twice the legal limit and was very respectful to the arresting officer. I have wanted to be a teacher all my life and now I am devastated that if I am convicted (which I assume I will be) it will have a horrible affect on my future career. Is there anything I can do for the judge to grant leniency?
You have a lot a stake. Don't delay, contact an experienced DWI attorney to assist you in this and hopefully help your...
I am 17 almost 18 in MN and was arrested for a dwi what should i do and expect
i was arrested driving with two friend on my way home the cop car appeared not to have its head lights on when following me they pulled me over ticket me for a dwi open bottle tobacco ticket possession of alcohol a month later i receive a letter from the state saying i cant drive 180 day and have a 680 dollar fine. now a few weeks later i receive a letter from the county with a court date these are my first dealing with the law i have never other wise been in trouble with the law
I'm sorry this happened to you, but you should contact a DUI attorney here in Minnesota to discuss your options. Did...
My brother and his friend were driving drunk crashed the car and left the scene insurance want to investigate what can they do
it was my brothers car but he was not the one driving he got scared and left the state his girlfriend reported the car stolen and now insurance is after her for fraud the guy driving does not want to come forward and admit he was driving
The first thing you need to do is contact a DUI attorney in Minnesota or wherever this incident occurred. Remember,...
How do I file a petition for judicial review MYSELF to reinstate my license on a DWI?
Charged With 4Th Degree Dwi, Open Container, & Improper Lane Use. I Drive for A Living. First Offense. Was Stopped After Another Driver Reported Me swerving. Failed(?) Roadside Test. Unknown Roadside BAC. No Miranda On Site. Audio Recorded At Pd. I Gave Consent To Breath "Because Refusal Is Worse." 0.10 BAC (Breath) At Pd. 0.092 BAC At Jail. Cannot Work Without DL. Most Employers Won't Hire My Position With A Dwi. Need Money. Need Work. NEED HELP!
Although this is a proceed in which you can petition the court yourself, it may be in your best interest to seek the...
I failed my interlock test for thefirst time. I used new mouthwash this morning without checking label for alcohol content.
I have not been charged yet nor do I have p.o. I am in therapy also. What will happen
If you are referring to the ignition interlock system in your car, I believe the system will require you to retest in...