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I got my first DUI in Chester county Pa in September 2015
I did not get the ARD. PROGRAM. I had a misdemeanor in 1985. I didn't use avvo ! I did a breath test in the field later the cop wanted to pull blood and I refused because I gave him the breath test and did not pass it was .09 or .10 I think. So I'm getting a Dui. here is the big one! Penn dot gave me an additional year for a refusal but I did not refuse I also was told that they now need a warrant to pull blood if no accident and no one hurt ? Can we get the extra year off ( maybe sue the cop for false report to Penn dot ;) I am a single dad can I get my ocupational drivers also
If you refused then you refused but yes you may have a decent case but you have now two cases with Penndot and the DUI...
Can my DUI case be dismissed when the state trooper wrote my liscence plates and registration down as PA when they are NY
Can my DUI case be dismissed when the state trooper wrote my liscence plates and registration down as PA when they are NY. I received my affidavid in the mail today about my DUI case and the officer clearly wroteyou vehicle had PENNSYLVANIA REGISTRATION AND LISCENCE PLATES when my car had NEW YORK liscence plates. Is this room for dismissal in any way?
Doubt it. Its a defect but a minor defect in the complaint is rarely grounds for dismissal. If he cant ID you its an...
Will my 4 points affect my second dui that I am fighting
I already have 4 points from previous cases now I have a second dui case will my points affect the dui case that I am fighting
It shouldn't affect the merits of the case but it has the potential to affect the outcome based on not having a clean...
Whats the difference between dismissed and withdrawn?
Got a dui and the cop had no training in dui or dui sobriety field testing. And over all the judge withdrew the careless driving and dimissed the dui. Whats the difference in withdrawn and dismissed? Thank you
With respect, the judge cannot withdraw the charges. You may misunderstand what actually occurred. Have you discussed...
My main question is, am I able to travel freely or do I need to cancel my trip?
Hello everyone, I got a DUI back in December. I had booked a trip to Europe before the DUI. I'm now curious if I am able to travel BEFORE my preliminary hearing? My preliminary is in March, my trip is in February
Have a great time in Europe. Just make sure you don't miss any court hearings and stay in touch with youregard lawyer.
Passed sobriety test but still got cited: Will I be found guilty or not guilty? Is there enough evidence to find me guilty?
I was walking, alone, back to my dorm. A security guard said I was stumbling (which might have been me distracted on my phone, etc). I got into my dorm building and she stopped me and told me she called a cop from public safety and they needed to test my sobriety. I was annoyed saying "this is ridiculous" "I'm not doing anything wrong" "I'm just trying to go to my room and go to bed". Furthermore, the cop conducted a field sobriety test, and made me walk a straight line. I passed, but he said I just passed; but either way, I passed. He then asked me if I was subjecting myself to a breathalyzer test and I said no because I know my rights and I know I don't have to. He told me that he was starting to smell alcohol on me and I responded that I hadn't been drinking. I asked him if we were done and if I could leave and he said I could leave and I wasn't getting an underage. Then, a week later I get a citation in the mail saying "defendant admitted to consuming liquor or malt beverages while under the legal age of 21" which I know 110% I did not do and is a blatant lie. Also, since I passed the sobriety test, doesn't that protect my claim of being sober?
This sounds like a case that could likely be resolved with a lesser charge or an acquittal if you approach the matter...
If my license is suspended in PA can i drive in California? If i need ignition interlock in my car in PA will i need it in CA?
My license got suspended in June for a DUI in Pennsylvania, it is suppose to be suspended for a year than a year with the ignition interlock. However, since i got everything done in a good time my probation office sent a signed letter to the judge asking him to reinstate my license. I'm moving to California in January and am thinking my license will most likely be reinstated by then, but will i need the interlock in my car in CA if everything with my dui happened in PA?
If you move to CA you will likely need to apply for a CA license once you establish residency there. The question...