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Why does it take so long to receive electronic device in nc FOR A jail release
Why does it take so long to receive electronic device in nc FOR A jail release
The State will says it's due to budget shortfalls... Anything related to the court system isn't at the top of our...
If I received a DUI in 2013 in CA but moved to NC and will be getting my license here, will they still require an interlock sys?
I received a DUi in March 2013 in CA. I blew higher than a 1.5. The judge transferred my classes to NC when I moved and am completing them in order to get my license soon. I have not had a license since my court hearing July 2013. Will NC DMV still require me to get an ignition interlock system installed? I will not have a car when I apply for my license. I just need a valid license (restricted is fine for however long and I have car insurance) to apply for new jobs. Thank you for you help. I can't find the answer to this question at all.
While one would be wise to look at all the official documentation, generally speaking North Carolina would honor a "...
My driving privliges in NC are revoked for 3 DUI's in a very short time. What states would allow me to regain driving privliges?
I received 3 DUI's in a 6 month period, the last conviction being over 2 years ago. There were no accidents and the initial stops were not for suspicion of DUI. They were for minor infractions (burnt out head light etc.) The BAC levels were .08, .17 and .10. I have not been charged with habitual as of yet. I am looking at 12 months prison for a probation violation but once out I would like to move away from NC and start over. Would it be possible for me to ever drive again?
None! As long as your driving privileges of one state are revoked, you must clear it up before another will give you a...
Does a driving after consuming charge count as a DWI?
I was convicted of a driving after consuming under 21 charge in december 2004 and i recently served my suspended sentence.
It depends on what the laws of NC say will count as a prior offense. In WI, where I practice, this offense is called...
I am on unsupervised probation i paid my fines i think my case is closed got a drinkin citation what the chance of gettin flaged
Two misdameners
If you are on unsupervised probation then there really is not anyone actively checking to see that you stay out of...
Can I get charged with DUI after the fact
I was driving with my headlights off, got pulled over, cop ask for my license/registration, came back and asked where I was heading and then told me to have a good night. Can I be charged with dui after the fact if the cop didn't perform and tests and reveal that he thought I was drunk. Just trying to figure out if he gave me a break or wasn't suspicious at all. Needless to say I have learned my lesson and will never be putting myself in this kind of situation again.
Without any hard evidence (such as field sobriety tests, a breathalyzer, or drawn blood) it would be difficult but not...
The dmv marked me a no show now i can't appeal i tried to ask for another hearing
I hired lawyer to call and no answer yet what is the chance of this working out?
Did the lawyer call after the time the hearing was supposed to start ? Did the lawyer go to the office where the field...